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    Aug. 30, 2008

    Default what would you do? (clipping question)

    in hindsight today was 65 if I wanted to bathe my horse and clip I should have washed him tonight (afte he got turned out during the day) and let him in the stall to dry and clipped him in the AM. (tonight it is 55)

    tomorrow is going to be 60 and rainy. I could wash him tomorrow but he his so wooly that he would probably half the day to dry ( I prefer not to clip his wet)

    so I have thought of 2 options.

    1. I could wash him in the morning and wait for him to dry but then he would miss his turnout, unless I put a sheet over the top of him wet and let him go out.

    2. I could wash him in the afternoon and then let him dry in the stall while he is eating and he won't miss his turnout time or if he is not fully dry by then put a turnout sheet over the top of him and clip him in the morning when he will be dry.

    so I guess my only question would be, if he wasn't fully dry could I put a sheet on him overnight until morning? I am only planning on doing a low trace clip
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    Do you have an anti sweat sheet? It's not ideal but I have left the anti sweat on a damp horse and put their turnout over top to finish drying. I have several so I put one anti sweat on until I need to leave then swap out a dry one and put the turnout on. That said you probably don't even have to bathe to do a low trace clip especially if he is normally blanketed.

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    I don't ever bathe before I clip. It's just never been convenient. I groom well and brush as much dust out as I can, but I've never had issues with not washing them first. I get good, clean looking clips without it.

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    I never wash them unless they are super muddy. I just vacuum and show sheen the crap out of them.

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