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    Oct. 27, 2009

    Default Shadbelly question

    I'm shadbelly shopping (woo hoo!) and am looking for something affordable since I will likely only have a couple of years on my current horse as he's older. After that I'll be bringing along my youngster so it will be several years before I get to show FEI again - I'd rather save money for training and showing now and wait to invest in something custom until baby is ready. I've heard good reviews on the RJ Classics shad so I was taking a look. They have the dressage shad ( is over $200 more than this one:

    The tails look slightly shorter than the dressage shad and they're rounded rather than square. I'm not especially short but I'm not especially tall either so I'm not sure the tail length would matter a whole lot on me. Anyone see a reason why this shad would be unsuitable for dressage? The price difference seems a bit ridiculous.

    My mom also sent me a link to an Ovation that's very affordable. Does anyone have this one? It looks like it could be nice looking as well... I like that it comes in navy as that's what I'd prefer but I haven't seen any reviews of this one so I'm a little concerned about quality. I know it won't be custom quality but I'd like something well made that looks good (i.e. not super cheap).

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    Mar. 9, 2006


    The rounded tails indicate a hunter shadbelly.

    Take your measurements. Go on ebay and troll there. Might take weeks, but deals show up.

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    Feb. 3, 2010
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    I know someone with the Ovation shad. It's not a work of art but it's a lot nicer than I expected. It fits well and has lasted several seasons with machine washing. I certainly can't tell it's a less expensive shad from ringside.

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    personally I would go with the Ovation

    It has the tailored fit you expect from a Dressage shad.

    and as said the rounded , unweighted tails are for hunters. They usually fit looser through the upper body.
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    Oct. 27, 2009


    Thanks for the input! I think I will let my mom know the Ovation one looks like a pretty good deal... Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll show up for Xmas with it all wrapped up LOL

    I'll continue to keep an eye on eBay too. I haven't found a stellar deal yet, been checking for a month or so... But maybe something will pop up!

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    Feb. 28, 2004
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    The Ovation shad is HEAVY. The best thing about the RJ shads is how lightweight they are - the fabric is unbelievable. They look like the imported European jackets that are twice the price, whereas the Ovation looks exactly like its price tag would indicate.

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    May. 7, 2012


    PM Sent.

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