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    Oct. 22, 2007

    Question Hock Injections: At what point did you go from yearly to more often?

    My early 20's guy has been getting annual hock injections for a couple years now. I am beginning to think he might need them done in the spring again which would put him at 6 months since the last injections.

    Has anyone else had this experience where the once yearly hock injections didn't last as long anymore? Did you find doing once every 6 months worked for awhile ( as in a couple years ) if the horses' hocks were not terrible?

    He has moderate arthritis in the hocks. He also gets Pentosan or Adequan once a month instead of an oral supplement. Aside from doing the hocks twice a year what are my other options?
    A friend mentioned doing the Pentosan twice monthly or doing 57mg Previcox every other day? Has anyone had success with that to extend the life of the hock injections?

    FWIW, the horse is not lame or off and is happy and forward once warmed up. He is just slower to warm up and behind the leg until warmed up fully. He also has seemed a little more reluctant to trot or canter down hill recently. He is worked on the flat w,t,c about 5 days a week and jumps 2'6ish once a week or so. Lots of trail rides and stretchy hacks so nothing too difficult. I just want to keep him comfy and able to do regular work for a couple more years before retirement if possible.


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    Sep. 13, 2012


    Firstly, what are you injecting the hocks with?

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    Jul. 11, 2012


    We had to start hock injections at a relatively young age because of time spent with a bad trainer and bad training. Her first set of hock injections were somewhere around 8 years old. There was at least a 2 year period after the first set of injections, then we went 18 mos after the second, then settled in at roughly 12-15 months in between and stayed at that interval for quite a while. Last year we only went 11 months - she was 14 when she was injected last spring. About 2 years ago we started monthly Legend shots, she didn't respond to Adequan (I tried that first). Like yours, my horse is not lame without the hock injections, just far more comfortable, forward, etc. with them.
    My horse is so much younger than yours I'm not sure my info helps, except that if you feel like he needs it just do it. Your post says that you feel like you may need to move to 6 month intervals and that you may need to do them again next spring - does that mean they were just done and you think you need to do it again? If that is the case then maybe you have something else that needs monitoring or treatment?

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    What does your vet recommend?

    For my older horse, who was on Chondroprotec, I moved to 2x/month IM injections because one wasn't giving the results any more.

    I have a friend who had very good success with Previcox so it really depends on how your horse responds.
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    Right now he gets once per year injections with HA and steroid. He was injected last in early fall, I was hoping he could go for a year again but I am thinking he might need injections again in the spring if I want to be able to do regular jumping . He also gets pentosan once a month so I was thinking I could give that twice a month or maybe give previcox every other day to hold off on the injections a bit longer.

    I have not asked the vet about it yet because he won't be doing much jumping or harder work until spring anyway and may have time off due to weather so no sense in doing anything now as he is not lame or clearly in discomfort just starting to show his age a bit.

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