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    Default Irish Stallion Steeped in Luck

    Anyone have experience with his babies? The website only shows a few babies of his, wondered how many he's got and what their temperament is.

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    Mar. 1, 2007


    I can't answer your question but fwiw I do know his trainer thinks very highly of him.

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    Disclaimer: I am friends with his owners, and I like them very much.

    I am also good friends with the trainer who started him U/S and I know she LOVES him.
    She bred two of her TB mares to him, and the babies are lovely. Both of them are just starting their show careers, and I have seen them go, and they are super nice.

    Eamon (Steeped In Luck) is a beautiful horse and has a lovely temperament, and seems to be passing that on to his babies.
    A Fine Romance. April 1991 - June 2016. Loved forever.

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    Jun. 16, 2007


    I know of 3 offspring and each is is an approved stallion...purebred. The Irish Draught Sport Horse from a TB mare is lovely and the IDSH from a warmblood mare(dutch I think was outstanding as well) so to do so well out of so few offspring says a lot.

    sorry I haven't found a link to the new stallion or the warmblood cross.

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    Dec. 1, 2007
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    I had a ID filly by him last yr (sold in-utero) She has a wonderful temperament. Her owner adores her and is very happy. I have friends who know him very well (live close to where he is in training) and say he is lovely to be around
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    I'm looking to breed my Irish Draught mare to him next year possibly. Saw him at a couple shows this summer and very much liked what I saw.
    Wonderful ponies for family or show!

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    We bred and own the halfbred gelding Lucky Punch that Columbus mentioned. He's a big, gorgeous, super-moving athletic horse with a puppy-dog disposition and a super work ethic. My husband rode him last fall under western tack - roping saddle and bosal - and he came right to it, soft and easy. He's still for sale

    I have met and handled the purebred RID stallion son, Pairadox Gold Coin RID, and he has the same soft and pleasant personality, and is a VERY nice and traditional young stallion, and he will be breeding to a limited book next spring.

    Everyone I have chatted with who have or have met one of these offspring speaks highly of them. Good solid traditional Irish Draught types - what more can you want!

    Feel free to contact me if you would like more detailed reporting.

    Homesick Angels Farm
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    Dec. 4, 2012

    Default I have a mare....

    Hi! I have a ISH mare who will be 5 this next year by Steeped in Luck out of a TB mare I used to own. She is AWESOME and has been from day one! Her temperment is wonderful, I started her under saddle this last spring as a 4yr old. She has been level headed and quiet about being ridden and never once offered to be naughty. I feel like this mare will do anything I ask of her.

    I don't regret my decision to breed to him and would do it again in a heart fact, there are times when I wish I wouldn't have sold the TB mare so I could have another.

    I hope this link works, this is her back in January.

    If those links don't work I'd be happy to email a few photos of her!

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    I have a 5.5 yr old 17.0 hh Steeped in Luck baby and he is fantastic! We are currently being coached to event with Jen Irwin and he is a great mover, willing, athletic, good scope jumping, sure footed, curious, fancy mover, and has an unbelievable tempermant! He very rarely acts up and when he does ,which lasts about 3 seconds, it is short lived because all he really wants to do is please you. He doesnt have a mean bone in his body and would try to do his best always. I have to remind myself that he is still very young but he makes you forget because he does things so well. He is very sensitive in the seat and will change leads with just a slight change of seat weight. I am so fortunate to be able to own such a wonderfully bred ISH. Couldnt have done it without Steeped in Luck and his dam Colby Aisle from owners Emma and Jenny in Kingston (3/4 TB and 1/4 Belgium Draft). Everyone I know that has acquired a horse from this wonderful stallion agrees that his calm, smart, strong, hardworking traits come through time and time again. All of us say the same things, HOW GREAT THESE HORSES ARE AND HOW MUCH THEY ACT JUST LIKE EAMON! Pics/video available.

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    I have had the privilege of bringing along 2 Eamon babies. One is a 5yo mare out of a TB mare and the other is a 4yo colt, also out of a TB mare. They are both 'pocket ponies' that you could cuddle all day (yes, even the stallion!). They are smart horses who learn very quickly and are eager to impress. Their naturally expressive gaits make everything look easy! They can jump too! I have evented both horses up to pre-training. They always win the dressage and enjoy galloping around the cross course without a stop yet! They are very brave horses that will try their heart out at anything you ask. I can't say enough about these babies they are truly AMAZING! Wish I had one for myself!

    Video of mare (4yo) at first event doing dressage:

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