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    Default Protecting Moon Boot while doing barn chores

    I just got back from the doctor's office, where I found that I'd been walking around on a broken ankle for the past six weeks. (I waited to see if it would get better on its own. It didn't).

    So I'm in a moon boot to immobilize the ankle for the next month or two. I'm going to need to be working around the barn a bit (two boarders are already pitching in to help feed, yay!). Any tips on keeping the moon boot semi-clean? Wrap it in a plastic bag? Anything else??


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    I believe a doc would tell you to NOT BE DOING CHORES!

    But I'm sure you won't do that.

    I think a regular plastic bag will be too slippery alone. Can you do plastic and then put something more textured over it like a gunny sack type material?

    I'm envisioning a small trash bag with some other rougher kind of fabric over top.
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    I did a plastic bag over the one I had to wear when I had to go out and feed (DH was gone part of the time I was injured!). BuddyRoo is right, though, that the plastic is slippery so you have to be careful moving around..
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    I would caution you against doing barn chores with that on.
    Ask how I know. Would definitely not put plastic on the bottom.
    If you have been walking on it for 6 weeks, the bones have already started knitting together. Even if not as they should.
    If you must do chores, call your ortho and ask if you can use the walking brace instead.
    Not as much support, but safer to walk in.
    Mine is a donjoy velocity and goes inside a shoe.
    Jingles you are back to norm soon
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