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    Jan. 21, 2011


    Quote Originally Posted by dhengel View Post
    Human pharmacies can't use/dispense medications from out of the country, but can vets? Just one of those random questions.
    Vets can, yes. We've been getting doxy from Canada.

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    Aug. 22, 2009


    If you click on my link it states the "reason" (or at least the best info. that is available - drug companies are not required to state why production is stopped or delayed) why doxycycline is on shortage.

    Sometimes if you can call around to pharmacies and use the NDC number stated in this bulletin (ASHP) - you can find orderable/obtainable product.

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    Sep. 11, 2011
    Charlottesville, VA


    I just bought 30 days worth of the liquid - my vet said he can not get the powder or pills and can only get the liquid from a compounded pharmacy. It cost $155.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockfordbuckeye View Post
    Just remember folks - in the doxy shortage/price increase - don't be tempted to use expired product. Tetracycline class drugs are very dangerous when expired.

    This is so important. Please make sure everybody reads this. IT gets VERY toxic.

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    Jan. 26, 2010


    My friend is a small animal vet and told me about this last night. She's seeing HUGE increases in generic drug prices over the last year. These are drugs that should be cheap. The companies are BSing about shortages. There are no shortages. She's seeing the the huge pharma companies are trying to squeeze out the vets and small pharmacies to take control of the industries. She tried to get the local new to investigate, but they did a fluff piece. She says drug prices will be through the roof in the next few years and we will no longer be able to get cheap generics.

    I told her I'd spread the word in here and see what everyone else is saying.

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    Aug. 22, 2009


    It's possible and just one of many conspiracy theories going on. There are now many drugs where a single company has a monopoly on the product and is taking advantage of it in a manner that is not ethical. A drug called pentobarbital used to cost us pennies. It's quite old. Now a 1 gram bottle is costing us $1000. There is no real alternative to this drug though because it has a very special/niche role in treatment of some disease states. The drug company is taking advantage and the drug companies are bankrupting the US healthcare system with their greed. Equipment manufacturers are no better though. The entire system is quite broken with a rate of inflation many many fold over anything else.

    It is only a matter of time. Kind of like the real estate bubble. The entire thing will collapse.

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    Dec. 14, 2007


    They are selling doxycycline hyclate for aquariums cheaply on ebay from Thailand. Is this the same drug we want for horses with lymes?

    I see smartpak and valley vet and the like are backordered or sold out

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    My vet dispensed his last bottle of doxycycline to me earlier this year. I hope this situation is becoming widely known to the powers that be - it is ridiculous and inappropriate for these drugs to be expensive and in short supply.
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