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    Default RIFNA for my child. Using In Your Dreams Farm as a barn? Alpharetta GA

    What does everyone think about the RIFNA program to get my daughter started riding? She goes to cherokee high school and they offer a riding program through this farm and that program. I am somewhat wary of them, but does anyone know of any problems other than what I can find through public record?

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    This organization has apparently been around since 2004, but I've never heard of it. Despite describing itself as a national organization, it appears to be mostly contained to that one farm and school district. The website & rules book are rife with misspellings, contradictions, & inconsistencies and the website doesn't appear to be well maintained (pages with titles but no info, comment sections full of spam, etc.) Those things alone would be enough to put me off, as it doesn't strike me as very professional.

    If she's just starting out, I would research barns in the area and look for a place that comes well recommended and has a solid beginner lesson program. If you want a club or team, I would look for a barn with a well-established national program like Pony Club or IEA.

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    I have but she wants to ride with her friends at school and they ride here, they do have more than one barn, I am more concerned with safety.

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    My high school was with In Your Dreams farm when Keely started RIFNA and as a result I did not get to do anything my senior year (2004-2005) because the only schools in RIFNA were at her farm... I wish we had just stuck with IEA because there is actually competition there. Maybe now it has grown, but back then it was definitely subpar to IEA.

    Do they still have a horse named Brother? I LOVED that horse!

    Edited to add that we were with IYD for my junior and senior high school years and my junior year was in IEA and senior year was in RIFNA. I ended up quitting the team while my sister stayed on it to focus on showing my Childrens Hunter at the time. I still went to the shows with my sister.
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    Thank everyone for their advice, I have decided to send my children to another barn in the area. I wish I knew more about horses. I will lurk on here more.

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