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    Default Lesson Instructors/Trainers...

    Do you ask new riders/clients if they have any type of limitation(s) as a matter of practice?

    The reason I ask is that I have had more than one new client, set up a lesson with me and never mention that they had any kind of issue. It only becomes evident after 10mins of asking someone to put their heels down, when they suddenly inform you that they can't due to CMD or some other disorder.

    So parents of a child with this type of disorder, do you inform the instructor or not?

    Instructors/Trainers, do you ask this information up front or not?

    Is it even LEGAL to ask this??
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    I informed my new coach right away that I have MS in which case she proceeded to kick my ass anyway lol but not in a dangerous way. When I have had enough or need a little break she completely understands. She has taken me back to basics with a little jumping and has really helped my position. I cherish every lesson I have with her!

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    Unless you aren't hiring someone, and you aren't intending to deny instruction to them based on their answer, I can't imagine that it would be illegal. IANAL.

    It seems more than appropriate. If you were a personal trainer, for example, wouldn't the question be expected? riding instructors need to know for the same reason.

    Obviously, if someone tells you that have issue xyz, it would be rude/inappropriate to push for unneeded detail. (how did you break your pelvis? etc)

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    As a matter of course, wouldn't an instructor ask a new client? As in, "before we start, anything I should know about that might affect your riding?"

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    I've learned to ask in the initial conversation (the one where I explain what I offer and ask questions of the parent to see if we're a good fit for each other) if there's anything I ought to know about teaching their child. I try to sound them out - "has she been around horses before? is she excited about learning to ride? how does she handle new things that are hard? does she play any other sports, dance, swimming, gymnastics? what other activities does she like to do? high-energy kid or low-energy kid? how is school going this year?" Usually in the course of talking to the parents about the child, I get an impression that lets me ask the questions I really want to know the answer to -- 1) are they scared, 2) what will their ability to focus be like, 3) are they roughly age appropriate as far as physical skills? I do occasionally ask if there are any health problems I need to know about, and I give the example of being allergic to bee stings. I would hope if a child had diabetes or a seizure disorder, the parent would offer that information without my having to ask, but you'd be surprised...

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