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    Sad part is that the USEF will probably side with the FEI. They will say they (FEI) are making us do this, blah, blah..... Only people being hurt is the competitor. Sad case of the tail wagging the dog.

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    JER makes a good point about aristocrats and the FEI. It's not just that the organization has been headed by royals since 1954; the current head of the eventing committee is an Italian marquis. There are other examples of course.

    I'd personally like to think that birth is far from a guarantee of competence.

    The FEI and horse governance worldwide are far from democratic. Even in the US. The FEI is a good example of why "trickle down" does NOT work.
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    [QUOTE=frugalannie;66992151. Does the FEI exert the same amount of control over qualifying competitions in other horse sports within its mandate? In other words, is eventing being singled out or is it just being aligned with what happens in driving, dressage, jumping, vaulting and endurance?


    The biggest discipline is Hunters and not being an FEI sport nobody who competes even at a high level is impacted.

    In Jumper land there has been a trend towards jumper only shows that are not recognized by the USEF. Some of these shows are very well run, use USEF judges, have great prizes and are held at excellent facilities. They are much less expensive for the exhibitor.But USEF does get a piece of the pie of these shows.

    Also, one of the largest nationwide H/J franchises runs a 'league' that holds their finals at a non USEF recognized show. By doing so they can bypass the USEF rules that limit prize money, entry fee rules and drug testing rules. Again, no dollars for USEF from this finals.

    Many H/J shows hold GP classes at the USEF 'National' level and do not use FEI rules. Sometimes these classes are on Thursday and the higher level or FEI rules class is on Sunday. And some large shows do not offer any classes under FEI rules and they can be high dollar value. These classes are sanctioned by USEF so looks like no problem with FEI unsanctioned 'problems'.

    I think each discipline is impacted in a different way.
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