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    Jan. 31, 2007


    Goals for next year.....exciting!
    Here goes...
    1) sell one of my two horses....
    2) tell my husband after one sells, that I had owned two horses....but sold one, and made us a tidy profit! (or didn't lose any money...depending on which horse sells)
    3) If horse A sells, work on horse B dressage, sj and XC with lessons and do some schooling shows for dressage, sj and a few schooling ht.....
    If horse B sells, move up to Novice on horse A, show a few rated shows, try to qualify for area championships
    4) No matter what, continue to trail ride, take dressage lessons and have my dressage trainer ride my horse once a week as she is so amazing!
    5) Try to deeply enjoy the journey of learning, make new horsey friends, and be a good friend to my old horsey friends
    6) Go to something fabulous! oh, and watch the awesome rides!
    7) Sell my narrow saddle or wide one, depending on which horse sells
    8) continue to work on my own fitness by going to the gym, doing breathing exercises, and yoga,
    9) go to acupuncture and chiropractor, get massage for horse
    10) not buy another horse!

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    Mar. 1, 2003
    Happily in Canada


    I bookmarked it for later reading. Thanks for sharing.

    (And PS, I've never changed my signature line, thanks for that too!)

    You never know what kind of obsessive compulsive crazy person you are until another person imitates your behaviour at a three-day. --Gry2Yng

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    Feb. 22, 2000


    1. Have healthy filly foal, except I forget the due date, maybe April?

    2. Successful Prelim move-ups for mares.

    3. Get Mick out to his first HTs, maybe YEH if he's ready.

    4. Continue to have fun with personal riding pony. Continue to attempt to make him more svelte-looking. (The latter is not a realistic goal, I know.)

    5. Keep senior horses healthy. Every year they're still with me is a good year.

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    Nov. 28, 2011
    Eventless. in North Dakota...



    Submit my Level 1 audition
    Find a good barn back home (moving in May)
    Find an instructor
    Put 30 days on Rigsby, under saddle (well, under bareback pad).
    Submit my Level 2 audition
    Put Rigsby back out to pasture, to grow for another year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blugal View Post
    I bookmarked it for later reading. Thanks for sharing.

    (And PS, I've never changed my signature line, thanks for that too!)
    I chuckle every time I read your sig and marvel that you have not changed it.

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    Oct. 22, 2001


    Quote Originally Posted by JER View Post
    5. Keep senior horses healthy. Every year they're still with me is a good year.
    This. My old man will be 18 or 19 next year, and we're thrilled every day he's happy to do his job.

    Loved Gry's goal-setting list. The suggestion about making goals positive and ensuring that goals fit my "real world" are right-on (says one who regularly worships at the alter of "don't chip, don't chip, don't chip").

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    Raeford, North Carolina


    Quote Originally Posted by Gry2Yng View Post
    No. It was the sharing of information that has helped me and that I thought might help someone else. Hard to believe I know, but no ulterior motive.
    Sorry to offend
    Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.

    The Grove at Five Points

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    Jan. 6, 2008


    So my goal is still the CCI2* at Fair Hill. I am planning to go to Fair Hill in April to do the CIC1* and then look at Virginia for the CIC2* and then for a a CIC2* later in the year... maybe Richlands or Plantation?

    I am not planning anything... his highness has very acute hearing and if he hears the word, "plans," he makes haste to find some issue to foil such plans!

    This morning, I begin a new job working 9-5 and it is pitch black out there. I will be home by 5:30 and will ride in the dark. Southern Pines is nine weeks away, and Mick has a lovely layer of subcutaneous fat underneath his abundant fur. I have a similar issue, minus the fur of course.

    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Comedy View Post
    I guess I'll see you at VA CIC** then, lol. I'm tentatively planning to run there too, pending Dante's readiness. I don't NEED a CIC**, but my last one is from 2010, so the pressure is there to run both a CIC*** and a CCI** next year unless I get another QR at CIC**. So I'm (tentatively!) using the CIC** as our first Intermediate back after running a Prelim, because you're right, they're not much more than an Intermediate. Sometimes a touch tougher, sometimes not.

    And luckily, the VA CIC** is only about $50 more than an Intermediate, so it won't break your bank!

    If you ever have questions about what qualifiers you need for each show (it becomes a LOT more complicated for CCI**/CIC***/CCI***), feel free to ask, I know WAY too much about it thanks to being at this level for a bit too long.

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