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    Default NECK SURGERY

    I am having anterior cervical fusion in a week. I was told I could start back flatting at 3 months and jumping at 6. Can anyone tell me if they have had similar surgery and how can I kick into high gear to move my recovery schedule up?

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    2010 Ruptured Disk ... I had a "Prestige" artifical disk inserted at C5/C4 on Friday. Saturday was a recovery day. Was up and about on Sunday. Split and stacked a half cord of wood. (Hydraulic splitters are wonderful.)

    Link >>

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    I had a second one done 18 days ago. First one was at C5-C6 six years ago. I was off the horses about 6 weeks. I had a plate put in that time. This time it was at C6-C7 and they replaced the disc with a 7 mm spacer time made of a polymer and containing bone chips from me and two screws. Only had to wear a neck brace days and have felt pretty good. My Dr. told me that it takes 3 months to completely fuse but said I could start back riding in 6 weeks. He did insist I not do any sitting trot or go out of my way to be really jerked around so to take it easy. But I have been picking stalls some and start back to work full time next week. I feel like I could ride now but I am not going to be stupid about it.

    My advice, get physical therapy after 2 weeks and follow their instuctions. I am going 2-3 times a week for the next 6 weeks. I really believe in it. My symptoms
    have already be greatly relieved.

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