It snowed at my house yesterday. My water buckets are frozen. All I can think about is my upcoming winter in Aiken. My current stumbling block is how to outfit my 2-horse straight load goose neck to carry my gear, my horse and 2 small ponies comfortably on the 18 hour drive. The trailer has an open floor plan, meaning that from the chest bars of the 'stalls' to the bulkhead is open-no dividing wall to a dressing room. All my stuff can go up in the nose and there is a flip up wall to protect it from curious noses. The open floor is a space about 10' long. Ponies are 9 and 10 hands. Do I put them both in a stall together and barricade the front with shavings bags? Do I leave them free and close off the front of the big horse's stall? Do I put one in the stall and the other free? Do I make a stall on the floor for one, the other in the real stall? It is going to be quite a ride...2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 equines and me. Thanks ;-)