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    Quote Originally Posted by Profidia View Post
    Can any of you county fair folks point out to me which of these trainers owns any of the horses in his barn? or which of these horses are owned by the guy training him/her?
    I see them grabbing for anything they can find but none of them answered this particular question concerning horses and trainers at the top of the current standings. Reading comprehension would help.

    Quote Originally Posted by Profidia View Post
    I tend to think more of Gussie Mae, Zippy Chippy, Ricks Natural Star and the colorful characters that accompanied them. Like to keep score?
    Me too. Can think of plenty of others as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by jennywho View Post
    I just noticed that profida quotes michael gill in his/her siggy. 'Nuff said.
    Another fine example of an owner who trained up until New Hampshire pulled his trainers license. Excellent point

    Quote Originally Posted by Profidia View Post
    Figured by now somebody would have named Burton K Sipp. Another owner/trainer stalwart I thought of him too. Good example.

    Hey Glimmer,
    I'll save you some work pulling numerous examples out of your hat.
    Find me a top tier track that has such an overwhelming preponderance of owners and trainers being the same individual in every race on the card.

    I'll wager that it wont compare to any small time gyp haven you care to name.
    Another excellent post. Nobody's been able to answer that one either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Profidia View Post
    Ok, you're absolutely right. You've convinced me. Perhaps maybe an Eclipse award should be given to Dr Livingston. Watch and enjoy. He was certainly a credit to the sport.
    Great vid. A guy to be proud of. Living proof a gyp can make it to the Breeders Cup.

    Quote Originally Posted by Glimmerglass View Post
    Folks, hasn't this thread just about run it's course?
    I'd be inclined to think so. Doubt if it'll stop the nasty comments and personal attacks from these folks though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vgilker View Post
    Oh, I guess Santa Anita must be a crappy track, they've got mechanical hot walkers there....
    Profidia's right on that one too. That really is depressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tempi.Change View Post
    Yes, very common on smaller tracks.

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    It sure is interesting how an innocuous question answered by an obnoxious quip can detour the whole tread and the original questions is never really answered even though there are 4 pages of comments. Most of which I agree with because I found comment # 4 to be way out of line, offensive, self serving and just pure BS. “Gyp” types can be found at any track in the world and I have been to quite a few.
    So to answer the OP’s question; Yes it is more common at smaller tracks but has never been uncommon at larger ones either. It is far more common now then in past years, top or bottom due to the economic collapse. Owners disappeared in droves. The last thing anyone needs is a horse, race or pleasure. A lot trainers and or barn owners got left holding the bag and the horse. Even in good times it’s not easy to find and or keep owners. I have met, have known and plenty more then I will ever know that are top notch horsemen who’s names will most likely never be known. And they will scratch out a living because that’s all they really know or want to do. Any rational person does not choose a career working with horses for the money. Especially racing. There is a pot of gold at the end of the racing rainbow and I have know some that have found it but most never will. But we will all keep looking.

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    Wow. Like jenarby I like owning my own. The owners horses help get by, but my own are much nicer paychecks. But honestly... Saying owner/trainers are more common at gyp smaller tracks? Bs. Is Parx (where 5k claimers run for 25k) one of those???? Plenty of big name trainers have stable names that are in fact themselves owning that horse. The maryland circuit is far from a small track and we have plenty of owner trainers.. Howard Wolfendale.. Leatherbury and bens cat... Oh and penn national.... Leading trainers own their own as well. It happens EVERYWhErE for different reasons but usually trainers like to have at least a few of their own.. And if they keep them it means they find the winners circle so you will see them show up.
    Race training and retraining Thoroughbreds.

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    Horse Heaven


    Thanks OP for the question which got lost in the quagmire. Jenarby, Gumtree and doublete thanks for answering said question! Economics and horsemanship factors as to why trainers/owners are common throughout racing was the impression I got from the sidelines. My take is racing is so expensive and unpredictable that keeping decision-making in one place (trainer/owner) cuts down on the enormous communication cost. Horses are really a labor of love as my checkbook reminds me daily - even at the lowest "ammy-who-can't-imagine-showing" level! LOL.

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