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    Nov. 19, 2005
    Lost in the Sandhills of NC


    Lots to look back on, particularly as we are really crazy and participate in three sports.

    The very first and the last four outings for our big horse with Boyd Martin, that resulted in two blues, two reds and a white, and a top five ranking at the end of the spring at intermediate. What a great ride it has been!

    The entire season with Brynnie - in top three all four outings - and watching him steadily put away most of the self preservation baggage he was carried with him for the last three years. Winning the HDT in Tryon. Winning (picking up the fewest penalty points) two marathons out of the four. The marathon at Katydid CDE where everything came together, every turn was foot perfect with him asking for more.

    Watching and helping Mr. PM make the jump up to novice and complete his first novice event. One quarter of the way to his goal of qualifying for the Heart of the Carolinas Three Day next May.

    Seeing son's Australian Stock Horse mature in to a top level A grade polocrosse mare and earn Best Horse in Grade award at the East Zone Championships.

    Taking Feral Fred from an unbroken five year old pony to Fabulous Fred, and knowing that if I don't screw him up I may well have an advanced/international level combined driving pony on my hands.

    Bringing the big horse home for six months with the Queen of Darkness for tutoring and watching her fix the canter in 10 weeks. Three beats, half passes and flying changes.

    And finally, the best. . . turning that horse back over to our son, the culmination of a long four years climbing up out of the abyss.

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    Dec. 6, 2010


    Figuring out the key to my mare's back pain-while we spent most of the summer rehabbing she now feels fantastic!

    Before the back pain kicked in she was giving me some truly lovely dressage work including the elusive counter canter. But we haven't worked that too much since we were in rehab all summer.

    But she came back to do one novice for fun in the fall and we were both having a fabulous time on XC! Plus I think I finally put some of my show jumping demons behind me in that round and was actually able to enjoy it and not be nervous! (Though it may have helped that she threw in a couple of 'WEE!!' bucks after jump one as we're trying to turn for jump two that made me just laugh and kick on).

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    Jan. 10, 2007
    too far from the barn


    Competing in recognized events at novice level on my own horse, who is showing every sign of really loving the game. Finishing on our dressage course over a fabulous course on a wonderful day at Radnor to finish up our fall season.
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    Jan. 10, 2005
    Chicago, IL


    Galloping XC at one of the toughest courses in our area and feeling my horse say "bring it on", when he's been a little bit of a chicken in the past. I could not wipe the stupid grin off my face for hours!

    Finally getting the rideability in the dressage when I feel like I can push for what he is really capable of, and having the scores and comments reflect it! Scoring under 30 in our first attempt at a Training test.

    Jumping around his first unrecognized Training CT's with confidence. I can't wait for next year!!
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    Apr. 11, 2001


    The easy answer would be riding my new 4 year old in his first recognized event, but that memory is already starting to blur with all the other events in my life.

    What I will remember for a long, long time from this year will be buying him. Jumping on a plane to go see a horse--which I'd never done--on the word of someone I'd never met--but who'd I'd known on COTH for years. In the process of not only meeting JER and Glenbar I got to take some lessons with Mike Plumb (holy cow!) and end my search for the perfect horse!

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    Oct. 29, 2010


    Finishing the first *perfect* XC ride ever on my boy.

    We'd had "okay" runs before this one.. but this ride was the first time that everything really clicked for us. It was that first ride that left me out of breath with sh!t eatin' grin on my face and crying tears of joy at the finish flags... you know? The only thing that was missing - sharing the moment right then with my mom (who is my biggest supporter). She had been further back on the course in order to video the most # of fences and couldn't make it to the finish in time. So, I ended up blubbering to a volunteer instead

    Now if only we could have this type of moment this year... but in the dressage ring.
    I have Higher Standards... do you?

    "For the love of my horse, I know who I am."

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    Dec. 2, 2004


    Awww isn't that sweet.

    I had no thought I was needed at the finish ..... (where I'd never be able to see anything!) no I was as far out on the course as you could be taping some memories. I missed a great moment. I had NO IDEA!

    Love, Mom
    ... Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water. W. C. Fields

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    Mar. 23, 2006


    Started off the season with 104 (or so - who is counting at that point!?) time penalties as baby mare decided going down the hill away from friends was too scary... I managed to get her down the hill eventually.

    Baby mare is 4 and opinionated. About everything except jumping and grid work, which is her most favorite thing in the world.

    Next little event got us eliminated because stupid human couldn't count and missed a jump (yes, me!).

    The year ended great though. She figured out water, got the confidence to hack alone and figured out cross country schooling field trips are fun!! We even had Leslie Law put us over training jumps and a coffin in a clinic and she was awesome. She is my baby packer.

    We ended off our season with a 3rd place in a big unrecognized division and a bit too much celebration in the victory gallop when I suddenly found myself on my feet, on the ground, and wondering how the heck I got down there!? Lol. Sadly no one has it on tape but apparently she got a little excited and bucked me (as politely as one can) off.

    I do love riding greenies - she is a doll and pleasure and I can't wait for more adventures next year!

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    Mar. 6, 2002


    Season? What season?

    Our only two outings (one derby and one dressage schooling show) were successful. Nothing like finishing 3rd in the Intro division at a derby! Although I am pleased - he proved to be game, if a little timid at first, and developed some confidence between the first and last fences. My most memorable moment was "galloping" (easy canter!) confidently between the last two fences - thinking that I could really see his potential as an event horse. It was just an easy ride.

    He also swept the class at our puny dressage show - 70-something percent and a very consistent test.

    Though we are now (still!) dealing with the Epic Abscess from Hell, I hope to get him out at rec. BN next season. Nearly into the 7th week of a lame, unrideable horse. The abscess hole is the biggest I've ever seen!
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what
    lies with in us. - Emerson

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    Dec. 26, 2008
    Indianapolis, Indiana


    I have to second, "what season??" Lol
    We did one unrec novice, where I knew we'd be OK in dressage and awesome over fences. Ended up 4th.

    BUT My best memory of 2012 was doing the bareback puissance at LAZ's last CT of the year.

    I decided we were going to do it... Even though I'd not even jumped him bareback before... And he ended up being so honest about the whole thing (and perhaps overly enthusiastic). It did a lot for my confidence. We had the rail @ 4ft, tying for 2nd. It was a blast.
    Yes, I ride a pony. No, he would not be ideal for your child. No, he is not a re-sale project...

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    Feb. 22, 2000


    My show season, as a rider, consisted of exactly one (1) hunter flat class on a 20something pony mare who gets strong (very) in the canter. Kid was cleaning up in the walk-trots with her -- this is a lovely older mare -- and wanted to move up to the canter classes. Despite a loud squeal and kick when another horse rode up on us in full view of the judge, and despite making many more full circuits of the ring than our competitors, we were placed 4th of 12-15 other hopefuls. I even wore a clean coat and shirt for the occasion.

    Actually, the real highlight of the year was that all of my horses stayed healthy. 2011 was a terrible year for me, losing my two favourite horses. One was inevitable, the other was a shock.

    Two very memorable highlights:

    1. OlympicDreams04 taking me up on my invitation to venture to Canada to do her first pentathlon. She was quite awesome at it, too.

    2. Watching subk in the Jimmy Wofford Clinic (at OlympicDreams04's) with her new horse/my ex-horse Danny. When she'd come to try him in NC, I'd said to her 'He's the kind of horse you can take to a Jimmy Wofford clinic.' And he is.

    And one more -- not eventing, not personal, just one of those rare reminders than perfection in sport is out there, and sometimes we get to see it on display. That would be Frankel, of course.

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    Sep. 30, 2007


    Finally started taking lessons with event trainer in April. Progressed quite a bit! Did our very first "mini event" in July and did Twin Rivers in Sept (BN of course). We didn't finish well at all but I was proud of my girl and she sure LOVES xc. That was the best. Due to being broke we are taking a hiatus from lessons for now. Hope to start back up in Spring and do at least one more event. I think my girl has potential! She sure loves to gallop and jump.

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