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    Default Where can I find a drag for the indoor?


    I have an indoor that I need to find a drag that has something that digs deep into the footing first, then something that spins and churns it up (the footing packs down and gets hard like cement!). I do not have a ton to spend on a brand new high tech one. Can anyone direct me to a way of finding maybe a used one or a new one thats not over $2000? Any help appreciated!

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    This might work and is under your budget.

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    May or may not work for you. We found a spike tooth drag out in the "back forty" when we purchased our farm and brought it back in and put it to use (well, part of it) dragging the arena footing. I also found a King Drag for $5 at a local farm auction which will level out the footing. And a section of dog kennel chain link with weights on the drawbar will leave a pleasant smooth surface to complete the picture. All three together were less than $100 to purchase (counting the chain bought to attach them) and are light enough to pull with a small tractor or an ATV.
    Robin from Dancing Horse Hill
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    I have this one, the Econo version on a frame: My small riding area at home is hard packed clay. As needed, I break that up with a landscape rake or the teeth on my box blade then use the drag to break it down more. After that I'll have several months of nice dirt which the drag keeps in a good shape. Nice company to work with because the owner and designer answers the phone.

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    Where are you located? We have one rotary type that might fit your need if you are not too far from us. It still looks almost new and works our concrete footing pretty well: you set the angle of the drag and it will rotate while you drive forward to fluff and distribute the footing. What it does not do is to make the arena really smooth and level - like dressage ring level - there are some sort of ridges. That is why we got a new TR3 and this one just sit there. Let me know if you are interested. It ain't worth it to ship it though - really heavy. If you are far, maybe look into this type of drag around your area.

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