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    Quote Originally Posted by suz View Post
    lol, ok i'll rewrite my ad, that may work!
    and advertising in storm damaged areas is a good idea, but how will a potential buyer come see the truck way up north here?
    i'm a good five plus hours north of nyc, further from the jersey shore and long island.
    maybe i need to get it nearer to those areas somehow. anyone in the area wanna commission for selling my truck?!
    i wholeheartedly wish i could gift it to a horse person who has lost theirs, but i need to pay off the loan on the new rig with the proceeds.
    You can park it in my driveway. Especially of it is a 7.3L diesel F350 long bed with a crew cab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BasqueMom View Post
    Suz, isn't your older truck a 7.3 diesel? List on some of the diesel forums.
    I second this suggestion. Ford Enthusiasts worked for me.

    With mine, the sale came from a thread I started about ig'nant people talking smack about rusting 7.3s.

    I told them that The Grim Reaper had offered me $200 for her "if I could drive her there." I told him where to go... and that I'd be damned if I'd *drive* my truck to her demise in the Fiery Furnace. That seems just as wrong as making Jesus drag his own cross.

    This was a "how to sell a truck only a mother could love thread. It spawned another "rust challenge" thread. I posted pics, bragged on my truck's work ethic and complete baby book documenting all care for the 200K miles I had owned her. Other people said my truck didn't look to bad.... and backed that up with pics of their rusting hulks, some lacking all body panels but still running (usually in mud with some kind of dog running around).

    Then a kid who thought my truck was great because he had a whole backyard of beloved diesels that didn't run PMed me. We had a handshake deal in a phone call and we did the deal in person the following week. This was in CT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmh_rider View Post

    I live in da south, so I know about weather damaged vehicles being hard to sell. Also my dad was in the insurance business, and he told me stuff. You would be surprised what people who are motivated down the line do with flooded cars in the resale market.

    I know, I know, they bring them here to KY!

    One time, oh my I digress, somebody was murdered in this new NEW trans-am, left to rot for a few months. They cleaned that car up and sold it. My dad said the smell was horrible, not to mention all the maggots. Ok, moving on to the "post quick reply" button . . .
    A "Death Car" huh? I always thought that was an urban legend - the brand new car being sold for pennies on the dollar due to the stench.

    OP, hope you've had good luck selling your truck now.
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    why yes it is the 7.3 long bed--but cab and a half, not full crew.
    part of what's going on here is making the time to pay someone to get pics etc up where i can move them to different sales' sites.
    and yeah, there is rut but mine has all of it's records, never been plowed, etc.
    and the neighbor says to drive it into the city and 'let' it get stolen!
    i can't even imagine doing that!

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    You also may want to check that it isn't one of "those" trucks with a bad reputation. I wouldn't take a FREE F-series with a 6.0 diesel engine. If, sadly, it is, sell it to a dealer or trade it in.

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    I live in NE and am looking for a truck....tell me more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanWeber View Post
    You also may want to check that it isn't one of "those" trucks with a bad reputation. I wouldn't take a FREE F-series with a 6.0 diesel engine. If, sadly, it is, sell it to a dealer or trade it in.
    oh heck no! that's why i'm puzzled it's still here-it's the 7.3 liter diesel everyone prefers.
    last months of production, they stopped making them soon after.
    qhwpmare i'll try to pm you so i stay within the rules here.

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    I bought my truck off Craigslist, and it sounds like it is similar to what you're trying to sell.

    - lots and lots of pictures, of interior and exterior
    - write out its amenities (ie 4WD, crew cab, etc) in the ad because you'll garner more search results if people are looking for something specific
    - the advice about telling people it's never towed is really good; that was on my list when I was looking
    - again, information like one-owner, regular service records, hasn't been in accidents, hasn't been storm-damaged, etc., all hugely valuable
    - if you use a regular mechanic, mention to him/her that it's for sale and see if he has any clients to match it with
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