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    Jan. 16, 2007

    Default Who carried Mary to Bethlehem?

    Whatever holiday you celebrate this season, or any season, there's a donkey involved!

    And horses too, because our western civilization is built on the hard work of equines. We wouldn't be creating all this traffic today if ancient donkeys, mules and horses hadn't carried us out of the steppes and mountains of our past and into the future we've made (for better or worse.) We owe them.

    While we worry about Totilas and his first-world welfare problems, there are thousands of horses and donkeys today still in desperate need of simple care to make their working lives bearable. Whose tongues are cut in half by ropes tied around them because their owners can't afford a bit, who have open sores from ill-fitting harness, who are left to die from treatable disease.

    COTH can help, through The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. We're such a large group of knowledgeable horse people, we can REALLY make a difference even if each of us only contributes a small amount.

    See this thread for more details and links on the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust.

    We're almost halfway to our goal of 333 GBP toward building a new clinic building for the trust. I know we have enough people to do this, if you will act. (Heck, we probably have enough horsepower at COTH to built the whole freakin' clinic if we wanted to!)

    (I've started this fresh thread because it's the time of year forgive and forget the PETA angle in the title.) I appreciate ALL bumps to keep this thread visible during December.

    Those of you who've already contributed, the horses and donkeys of the universe bless you.

    Thanks, COTH'ers. You are the best.
    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That's how the light gets in.

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    Jan. 16, 2007


    Bump for the "nice" thread title.

    Donkeys need something in their little stockings too!

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    Jan. 16, 2007


    25 of your fellow COTH'ers have sent a little something in support of the hard-working donkeys and horses and their owners in Gambia.

    This is not simply for the animals. A HEALTHY WORKING EQUINE CAN INCREASE THE INCOME OF A FAMILY BY 500%.

    A letter from Gambia:

    My father Mr. Saloum works for this association in Wassu clinic. I see horses and donkeys visit Gambia Horse and Donkey Clinic every Mondays at Wassu. Some horses get wounds on their back and others get wounds on their chest and legs. Sometimes I see my father advising the farmers on how to keep their animal and prevent them from having diseases. He advise them to get proper food and medication for their horses and donkeys so that they can stay longer and benefit them better.

    The Gambia Horse and Donkey also provide medicines and injections which my father uses to inject horses and donkeys and cure their wounds. I see boys cutting the hoves of horses and donkeys which prevent them from having accidents. My father told me the Gambia Horse and donkey gave medicine to farmers at cheep prices, which encourages most farmers to treat their animals at the Gambia Horse and Donkey clinic. Presently I see some buckets and pans. When I asked my father about the uses of those items, he told me that they are bought for drinking and washing of the donkeys because farmers find it difficult to get containers for their horses to drink.

    Finally I would want to thank you and your donors for establishing the Gambia Horse and Donkeys clinic for the Gambians especially for the farmers in particular. I wish you succes and good luck in the Gambia Horse and Donkey in the future.

    Faton Jallow
    Donate here.

    For more details see original thread.

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