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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren12 View Post
    Studies show the majority of the lepto vaccine reactions are in toy breeds and Dachshunds.

    I would NOT vaccinate a dog that sits around the house all day, goes for walks around the block, and goes once a week to the dog park.

    I WOULD vaccinate a dog that roams free, runs around in the woods, plays at the barn/farm, swims in/drinks out of/plays in standing water or has a large yard frequented by wildlife.
    This is pretty much exactly why we vaccinated Pirate and Foxy for it this past summer - usually they're pretty much house mutts, but we go out and about more during the summer and they have been known to get into stuff and Pirate has a persisting habit of drinking from puddles and Foxy has decided in her old age to take up swimming in lakes/ponds, so there's a decent amount of exposure. Combine that with the fact that it can be passed to humans and my mom has a compromised immune system, and we thought it was worth it to reduce the chance of the dogs picking it up and either getting seriously ill or else managing to pass it on to my mom.

    If we didn't change our behavior in the summer and they stayed more or less city dogs, I don't think we'd bother.

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    I agree with everyone else. I don't vaccinate my dog unless I need to and lepto is a must for us. He has a large yard with lots of wildlife in it and I am not going to take the chance with him getting lepto. He's not had a reaction to the shot so I have no problem with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurierace View Post
    Isn't that part of the DHLPP? I thought most people give that every year, no?
    My vet gives the option of DHLPP or DHPP. When I called to request Lepto vacc, she said she usually only gives DHPP a vast majority of the time due to lack of exposure in most pets and the chances of reaction.

    OP - this was my first year vaccinating for Lepto. My dog was 3 in May, and had had her normal vaccs (DHPP, 2-year rabies, and bordatella). Right after that time was when I determined my pup (they're perpetual pups to me) was finally trustworthy enough to go on trails with me at the farm. We cross several streams, and she excitedly drinks her fill in each of them. My BO was the one who asked me if I vaccinate for Lepto, and I was a bit clueless about it. She explained it a bit to me (her vet always recommends it for them, as they live on the farm), so I called my vet to ask her opinion. Once she heard how much my dog gets exposed to, her immediate response was to yes vaccinate. So, we did it. I feel much better that my girl has some kind of protection, and I will say she didn't have any kind of reaction to the vaccine at all.
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