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    While I don't have a particular blanket to recommend, I used to spray show sheen on my big guy's rub areas...withers, shoulders and near his tail. He was just very angular and no matter what make of blanket I put on him, he got rubs in one of these 3 places. The show sheen was a last ditch effort to stop the rubs from happening and it really helped.

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    Have you tried the Hug blanket line?

    They have a different front closure and are designed to help with hard to fit horses. I've never used one, but have seen them on other horses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by candysgirl View Post
    Really? I've always had good luck with my Arab and his Storm Shield New Britton's. He is HARD on his blankets being a young, idiot Arab and all. His current one is going into the second winter and looked brand new when I pulled it out of the bin for the season (now its mud covered, but still in fine shape). He outgrew his original one that lasted 3 winters. He did ultimately wreck it, but that was my fault...he did the fat man in a little coat thing and tore open the shoulder gussets and ripped off the front buckles at the stitching because it was far too small for him by the end of the 3rd season. I don't fault the blanket though.

    My TB mare is in a different style Storm Shield. She is kind of middle of the road on her blankets. About 15 of the 20 horses at her barn are in some style of Storm Shield - mostly the ones that come in the array of obnoxious colors. They've held up well there.

    I do not like the other brand they have - DuraTech? or something like that. I've not had good luck with those.

    My mare is in a blue one of these. She's a 20+yo TB with the typical high withers and slowly atrophying topline. She does fine in this.

    If you're really worried about wither relief though, the VTek V-Free line of Storm Shields are supposed to have wither relief for horses like yours. Apparently Michigan State even did a study on them (link on this page)

    My Arab's blanket has the same V-Free wither relief in it, but his is obviously designed for a different body type/head carriage than the one I linked for your mare. It feels almost padded over the withers and it seems to shift the weight of the blanket back onto their back instead of it resting up on the withers. He seems to find it comfortable at the very least.
    I have the Schneiders V-Free blanket and sheet, and they are going on 4 yrs old, and still look new, without any tears, and having been worn by 2 different horses that are on pasture full time.
    Get the higher Denier strength one and it should be fine.
    Eagerly awaiting Jan 20th, 2017. Drain the swamp.

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    Try keeping her naked.....

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    My first inclination would be to say, if the blanket makes her hurt, don't blanket.
    So, so many horses around my neck of the woods wear blankets all winter, that don't need them. If a horse can get out of the wind and rain, and is otherwise healthy and eating well, he doesn't need a blanket. And a healthy horse especially doesn't need a blanket if he's not being ridden.

    Light riding, and an occasional hard workout, with a winter coat, will not hurt the horse. I ride and use my ranch horses in the winter. They have a full winter coat and 24-7 turnout. I needed a cooler only once last winter for a wet, hot horse and a rapidly cooling night.

    If you're using the horse to play polo, or showing or doing lots of winter clinics, that would necessitate a clip job and blanketing.

    But, you say the mare does fine in her summer fly sheet. So maybe there is a lightweight blanket that won't irritate her, if she really needs a blanket.

    If you do a very slight/small trace clip, you could leave the mare unblanketed in all but the coldest and nastiest weather.

    As for the Schneiders' quality, I have a milk cow that has a Schneiders' blanket. It hasn't yet torn, even though she lives in a barbed wire pasture. I got it in 2008, I've replaced the leg straps once and the other hardware/straps are still in good condition.

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    Back on Track! My mare LOVES hers. Im not sure if they make blankets, but they do make very durable sheets. They are made to relieve soreness, and my mare is almost protective of hers. She really would rather be cold and only have that on than have a blanket on.
    If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question or asked the question wrong.

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    The V free Schneiders blankets put a ton of pressure on my TB's withers. One of his fly sheets was so bad this summer that he now has a permanent white streak in his mane at his withers. I would REALLY stay away from those. I have had good luck with the high neck cut blankets. Dover, Smartpak, Wug.

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    Try the turtlenecks. Not cheap but outstanding fit & quality!

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    noodles/Fillabeana, that certainly is a possibility if I HAVE too and could work this winter since I've got a lot going on so won't be riding as much this year. But I do usually ride throughout the winter, do winter shows, and clip...which of course won't happen without a blanket!

    I've debated the wugs....a friend recommended a high neck as well...I noticed Adams had the high neck Orican on sale ($129) so I ordered one Friday. If it doesn't work...I have three other horses that wear her size so its not the end of the world.

    I was looking at the WUGS during the Rambo trade in offer...but $400 for a blanket isn't really in the cards right now.

    She's not actually rubbing on the withers, just gets acutely sore. She will rub right on the point of her shoulder, but I think a lot of that is conformation.

    The spoiled *mutters PITA* princess, you can see some rubs here from her Amigo fly sheet

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    My Tb mare gets rubs if she has blankets layered. I make sure to take her blankets completely off at least every other day and reset them on her. The other thing I have done is tack a piece of fleece about 6 inches wide and 10 inches long at the neck area over the withers. So far this has really done the trick.

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    My TB is super sensitive and would get rubs from his Weatherbeetas. I bought him a Rambo Duo mid-winter last year and never had a problem since. He has shark fin withers and built like a big 17 WB and LOVE the blanket. He gets a full body clip in the winter when he's in full work as well with no issues. It is a light weight (100g) but you can get the liners which are soft and not abrasive. They are pricey, but last a lifetime.

    Good luck with your girl!
    Calm & Collected, 13, OTTB
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