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    Default Tow vehicle question

    Just found a 2001, 2500 Ram, 2wheel drive with the 10 cylinder gas engine, extended cab and long bed. It looks to be in great shape with 64,000 miles and has the factory tow package. This would be used primarily for towing a 4 Star 2 horse BP. Trailer weighs 3,400 and is 13 feet in length. From what I have read on the net that engine in the 2500 series only came with the lower gear ratio but will have to check further. This will not be a daily driver so the horrible gas mileage with that engine isn’t a factor, nor the lack of 4 wheel drive as I won’t be on the road with horses in a snow storm and will be keeping my full sized SUV.

    Anyone with experience with that engine and truck? It is at a dealer but they will let me take it to my mechanic for a look over before buying.

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    I think 2001 was an era where the V-10 would occasionally shoot a sparkplug through the bonnet!

    IIRC the problem was addressed and solved. If you go to one of the RV groups I'd bet you'd get a better answer as this engine was used a lot in Class C and some Class A motorhomes. From all reports it gave good service (after the spark plug problem was addressed).

    I'm sure your mech knows about it; if not mention it to them.

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