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    Default Spinoff - Joint injectibles: which to you use?

    My general impression if you're considering an oral joint supplement, money may well be better spend on injectibles instead, due to the the inconclusive data (or lack of data in general) about oral supplement effectiveness.

    If we are accepting this idea- that money is better spent on injectibles, where you you all start? I'm not talking about injecting joints, I'm talking about Polyglycan/Adequan/Legend/Pentosan.

    I currently do Polyglycan once a month for prevention on my 11 year old Intermediate eventer who's never given me any reason to suspect he's uncomfortable--but want to stay ahead of the game. I would love to get opinions/experiences about that vs. the others mentioned above.

    To be clear- I'm not anti-oral joint supplement, nor am I anti-joint injection, I am just really wanting input on the IM or IV injectibles in their own right (even though in reality, we may all use them as part of a program combined with oral supplements or joint injections).

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    I put all my horses on monthly Adequan shots as soon as they step off the trailer. I am a HUGE believer that it does wonders.

    I put the pony on it when he was 4, x-rays showed that his joints all were in good shape for his age. Owned said pony until he was 12. He showed every summer and was worked 5-6 days a week year round. We competed through Novice, but were ready to make the move to Training and had schooled Prelim as well as working Second Level. He wasn't worked off his feet, but he never had a "light" work load. When I sold the pony this past summer he got x-rayed again, not a bit of change on his x-rays. The vet said his joints look like he's been living in a pasture rather than working. So I'm a believer in Adequan. It kept him feeling fantastic and his joints in great shape.

    On my current horse I use an Adequan regimen combined with Legend(plus oral joint supplement). It was a bit of a struggle figuring out the right balance to keep her feeling good, but *fingers crossed* I think we finally figured it out!

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    I used to use a variety of oral supplements and they got so expensive that the effect wasn't worth the money. I used chondroprotec up until recently, then switched to Pentosan, as it's more cost effective. It seems to be working better.

    My horse is a 16 year old Intermediate/** guy. Arthritis, old suspensory damage, the works! He's got a lot of miles and I've been hovering over retiring him for a year now. With the Pentosan's better results, I may run another season with him... who knows. I find that, for him, drugs tend to work well at first, then the results taper off.

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    I had good luck with the Legend, IV Hyalauronic acid. Mine was strictly gradual arthritic changes, nothing acute and it seemed to really smooth the joint motion and increase the step. IM Adequan has a little different effect and my vet had another of mine with navicular changes on that.

    I have posted having great luck with the oral HAs (Lubrisyn and Hyalauronix) up to he point age really caught up with the horse. None of the other oral stuff did a thing. None of this stuff works on all of them and the ones that do work are pricey. Plus you have to stay on the program with the ones that you see a difference with, can't skimp or skip a dose.

    And footing, farrier and workload have to figure into you program in a big way.
    When opportunity knocks it's wearing overalls and looks like work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by findeight View Post

    And footing, farrier and workload have to figure into you program in a big way.
    This! Probably the most important and most overlooked factor.

    I have used/will continue to use Adequan, Legend and Pentosan depending on the horse. Have used Adequan and Legend on the upper level eventer. Adequan did not seem to make much difference in the middle aged combined driving pony, but Pentosan made a huge difference. Have one polocrosse mare that responded well to Adequan, one that responded to nothing (except hock injections).

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    I like Synvisc or Hyvisc and triamcinolone. Definite disease modification and well proven in human and horse.

    And judicious work on hard ground for extended periods (e.g. 45 minutes to an hour or more) at the walk.


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    I've had positive results with Legend and I know many people do not "believe" in oral supplements, but I noticed a big difference after starting the mare on Cosequin ASU (I won a large container at an event, previously she had been on smartpak joint supplement). I don't think I would have tried it unless I had won it, I just would not have thought there would be a difference

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    I use the loading dose of Adequan. I used to use it monthly as well, but reading the research, there's not a lot of data to support that being much help. I do notice a dramatic difference when I do the loading dose though, so I've switched to just using that every six months on my older guy.

    Legend is just a bandaid -- it is only present in the blood for about 48 hours, so I have not used it. I planned to, had my older guy continued to compete at my level, but an injury ended that career, so he won't need it to do the little stuff.

    Tried polyglycan and injectable glucosamine, observed zero results with both and I believe there's been some recent data on the ineffectiveness of both on a statistical scale.

    Have not used Pentosan.

    Sorry, I'm a science nerd. I did laugh, Reed, though when I saw you mentioned Synvisc (HA) because I'm about to get that shot into my own knee, so it makes me feel better if I can say "but Reed says it's good!"

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