Thanks guys. I will let you guy know how I make out! Probably will have an update come sometime in January.

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Is it possible that if your horse is being more difficult than before he got hurt, that he's still trying to tell you it hurts when jumping? I've known horses to be great on the flat but they cannot be jumped! If you're jumping larger fences it may hurt him to land thus causing more difficulties as the course goes on!
He has been thoroughly vet checked since. In fact that's one of the reasons we GOT the vet back out for an extra check (as well as the saddle fitter, and chiropractor) to make SURE he is good to go. He feels fantastic, in fact I think his flatwork is better in some ways than before, and is happy to jump, he's just crazy haha. His jumping has gotten better for sure (he doesn't throw himself around after a fence anymore) but it's still not how he was before, though his attitude is getting much closer to how he used to be over fences.