Agree with other posters who say that good deals can be had for not a lot of money.

I recently bought a 1994 2WD Chevy 2500 V8 w/ beefed-up suspension and tow package/GN-ready, no bells/whistles but low mileage and great shape, for $2600. I can't afford a trailer for it (yet-- gotta get the car paid off first), but the truck is rated for 10,000lbs and I don't anticipate ANY problem for it to two a 2H GN, which is what I hope to find when the time comes. (I figure the GN will help offset the lack of 4WD, but I also wouldn't be hauling for anything other than monthly trail rides, so I can be pretty picky re: not hauling to muddy places and/or in bad weather.)

The truck is a gas beast-- 12mpg empty!!-- but I drive it to the barn once a week just to run it. I have a 50-mile daily work commute; no way could I have my primary vehicle as a gas hog.

Craigslist, and a good mechanic to for a pre-purchase check, are your friends.