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    Question Trailer Tire recommendations

    Hi everyone!

    I'm in desperate need of trailer tires and i have NO idea where to start. I will be hauling down to Aiken, SC this year and the current set i have is 6 years old - so figured why not go ahead and buy them while i can.

    Except - i cant find any information on whats good!

    I have a 2horse BP.. straight load.

    Proud owner of a Spicy mare!!

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    Ooops! I read it as trailer ties
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    I would first start with what the manufacturer of the trailer recomends for the size and weight.
    Then I would go to whom ever does your trailer service and see what they recomend. If all that fails, you are going to need your rim size and look for tires specifically made for trailers and the max weight your trailer can handle. Make sure you get ones for a trailer, I have been told the side wall construction is stronger then just regular light truck type of tires. Hope that gets you a starting place.
    Also to add, don't neglect the spare chances are you will need to change that too.

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    I agree with JRG...look at the specifications plate on your trailer--it will have tire rating information on it and then start with who services your trailer for their recommendations. It's critical that you get the correct size, type and duty rating for your particular trailer. You can also purchase tires from places like eTrailer and have them installed locally.

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    I just went through this -- had to replace the tires on my trailer (3H GN) for the first time, and felt like an idiot for not having a clue on how to make a good decision. I got great advice here, and also over at

    My new tires were installed a few days ago -- wanting to avoid anything made in China, I went with Michelin XPS Ribs. Pricy ($1800 - installed), but I can sleep well at night!

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    lintesia, can you link to the thread where you got good advice? There's probably some info there that will help the OP.

    So... what tires are currently on the trailer (brand, model, and size/rating will be printed on the sidewall.) Specifically look at the # pounds at X PSI cold.

    Now find the GVWR of your trailer, and the axle ratings, which should be on a plaque somewhere near the coupler.

    Some of the weight is on the tongue, but for a sanity check, divide the GVWR by 4 and compare that to the max weight rating on the tires. Is it close or do you have some breathing room?

    Keep in mind that the weight is not evenly distributed on the tires -- when you go around a corner, when the horses shift around, and just in general horses put more weight on their front legs than their hind legs. (That last is more important in a slant load where it weights one side of the trailer heavier than the other.) If you're carrying a water tank, where is it? If you have a gooseneck, is it riding nose-high so that more weight is on the back tires?

    My current favorite is Greenball TowMaster, though I wasn't able to find them out here and had to get something else.

    This site is saying good things about Maxxis, which I've never heard of:

    I've been happy with Titan in the past, and was actually able to speak to one of their engineers when I called with a question about high speeds in high temperatures.

    My farrier uses a Gladiator tire (made by Kelly I think) for the Sundowner 2H that he works out of. (That one's made in China though.)
    ... and Patrick

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    We replace the trailer tires on our camper at Big O tires. We talked to the manager, did a little research ( do not buy tires originating from China ) and had them order and install the tires. Pretty economical compared to ordering from an RV store.

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