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    Aug. 11, 2011

    Default Barn Jacket Suggestions

    I see so many barns (and riding teams) with nice embroidered matching jackets and want to get some ordered for our farm/customers but am not sure where to start....

    Any thoughts on where to buy? We can have the embroidery done separately after the coats come in. Bulk pricing would be a plus.

    My wishlist for a good coat:

    I need to buy from a place where I can get our color (Navy).

    I need to buy coats for men and woman (very similar coats or unisex).

    Would like a layered winter coat (with shell) so they could be worn in spring and fall as well as winter.

    Coats should be fitted or tailored so they are easy to ride in.

    Would like to order a coat that we could order more of at a later date so that future coats would still match.

    Coats should be affordable for customers as well. A little pricey is okay for the right coat, but too expensive will turn people away from buying one.

    Any words of wisdom or suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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    Nov. 26, 2001
    Nashville, TN USA


    Schneider's Saddlery does jackets with embroidery. I'd "google" unisex coat/custom embroidery and see what pops up. Also you might find the coat you want at Old Navy or such and then just get the embroidery done on it. finding the coat will be the most difficult thing IMO---check Ebay also

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    Nov. 26, 2001
    Nashville, TN USA


    Look in LL Bean---I think I saw a fitted coat like you describe and a 15% off right now---and check Rod's

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    Oct. 16, 2011


    Eddie Bauer and Lands' End may be good websites to try as well. Also Mountain Horse, their items are designed for riders.
    *Wendy* 4.17.73 - 12.20.05

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    Feb. 14, 2012
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    I used to work for a huge h/j barn in upstate NY, and all their staff got monogrammed everything. They used LL Bean. It's been 4 years since I worked there, and the coat/jacket/turtle necks/everything else they gave us are still my go to when it gets cold! It has a fleece liner that zips in/out. My ONLY beef is that it has a different farm logo and that it's only water resistant.

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