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    Jan. 19, 2005

    Default Stuck in Indoor doing rehab work Playlist thread

    As the title suggests, I'm facing yet another winter doing "rehab" sets on stall confined TB for the winter....FUN So looking for things to entertain myself while walking for 40 minutes and trotting for 1....then eventually 2....then eventually 3 minutes (you get my drift).

    I'm looking for some new music suggestions (I play it out loud to help drown down outside noises that may set my horse off) or anything else to help pass the time while we are walking.

    So I've listed below the first 15 songs that showed up on my iPod after hitting shuffle. I would love it if others did the same to get some ideas. It is pretty funny to see the random music that shows up!

    Eleanor Rigby---Beatles
    Always Something--Cage the Elephant
    Brand New Day--Trevor Hall
    Swing Life Away--Rise Against
    Trojans--Atlas Genius
    Brendan's Death Song---Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The Celestials--Smashing Pumpkins
    Walk this Way--Aerosmith
    Eyes Wide Open---Gotye
    Ho Hey---The Lumineers
    The Lovecats--The Cure
    Little Black Submarines--The Black Keys
    Tougne Tied--Grouplove
    Brian Wilson---Barenaked Ladies
    Wooden Ships--- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

    So me learn about some new music....what do other eventers listen too....
    ** The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits. -- Albert Einstein **

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    Jan. 6, 2011


    I know this is not music, but for rehab work I listen to books on tape (well books on iPod) and the 40 minutes at the walk go by a lot faster.

    For songs, I make a pandora station and customize with all my fave songs. I usually (85%) get good and new music that I love. I use it on conditioning sets as well. I usually listen to alternative/oldies rock and it helps to get me going and I sing along (badly) and it goes by faster.

    For the spooky horse use ear pom poms if he will tolerate it. Helps to keep down the spooky noises.

    Good luck with the rehab, its not super fun
    I am on my phone 90% of the time. Please ignore typos, misplaced lower case letters, and the random word butchered by autocowreck.

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    Jun. 30, 2006
    SF Bay Area, California


    Here you go:

    The Way You Move -- Outkast
    Gold -- Spandau Ballet
    Rock Lobster -- B-52s
    C'mon Hear the Noise -- Quiet Riot
    Mr. Blue Sky -- ELO
    Before He Cheats -- Carrie Underwood
    Greenlight -- Andre 3000
    Here I Go Again -- Whitesnake
    Let's Get Rocked -- Def Leppard
    No Rain -- Blind Melon
    The Sweet Escape -- Akon/Gwen Stefani
    Walking on Sunshine -- Katrina and The Waves
    Come on Eileen -- Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Clocks -- Coldplay
    There's a Rat In Me Kitchen -- UB40
    Proud owner of a Slaughter-Bound TB from a feedlot, and her surprise baby...!

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    Jan. 19, 2005


    Books on tape/iPod....I might have to try that! I'm riding alone 95% of the time so I don't have to worry too much about the genre (will likely pick a mystery novel or thriller)
    ** The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits. -- Albert Einstein **

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    Aug. 25, 2005


    Just don't get so absorbed in the plot that you miss the plotting that's going on under you.
    Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their teacher; they never change themselves.

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    Jan. 19, 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by merrygoround View Post
    Just don't get so absorbed in the plot that you miss the plotting that's going on under you.

    LOL--good point. Luckily this mare is being REALLY good (I've had tough ones before but she isn't one of them)....but I know it would not take much to set her off!
    ** The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits. -- Albert Einstein **

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    Sep. 24, 2010
    Area 1, Connecticut


    Here's my 15 songs:

    Maroon 5 - Misery
    Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape
    Switchfoot - Stars
    Mika - Blame It On The Girls
    Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
    The Fratellis - Acid Jazz Singer
    Aerosmith - Rag Doll
    The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far Kid
    The Fratellis - Henrietta
    Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
    Neon Trees - Moving in the Dark
    Train - Drive By
    Coldplay - Paradise
    Locksley - The Whip

    Good luck with the rehabbing!

    Don't believe the hype.

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    Apr. 5, 2004


    I listen to Chris Stafford's radio show. Has kept me occupied for hours and hours in transport.
    A quick tutorial on interval training: Conditioning your horse for eventing

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    Jan. 10, 2007
    too far from the barn


    1. Dancing with Myself - Billy Idol
    2. Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes
    3. Walkin on the Sun - Smash Mouth
    4. Sheena is a Punk Rocker - Ramones
    5. Rock Lobster - B52s
    6. Hey Ya - Outkast
    7. Sabatoge - Beastie Boys
    8. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses
    9. Break Ya Neck - Busta Rhymes
    10. Fat Bottom Girls - Queen

    And check out these:
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    Jun. 9, 2005
    Unionville, PA


    Quote Originally Posted by merrygoround View Post
    Just don't get so absorbed in the plot that you miss the plotting that's going on under you.
    I listen to stuff I get for free on Librivox when doing barn chores. All books that are in the public domain, so classics, etc. I pick light stuff--I've been listening to a lot of Anthony Trollope lately. It's pretty boring .
    Delaware Park Canter Volunteer

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    Feb. 24, 2011
    East Tennessee



    Stardog Champion - Mother Love Bone
    Days of Swine and Roses - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    The Hurting - Tears for Fears
    No Depression - Uncle Tupelo
    The Gauntlet - Dropkick Murphys
    From Her to Eternity - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    It All Comes Down to You - Alison Krauss and Union Station
    I Know What I Know - Paul Simon
    Bury My Lovely - October Project
    It Will Be - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    Mari-Mac - Great Big Sea
    Gi' Us A Dram - Real McKenzies
    Too Much to Swallow, pt 1 - Utah Saints

    Dark Turn of Mind - Gillian Welch
    White Squall - Stan Rogers

    The bolded songs are ones I'd pick to listen to while riding. Some of these aren't my favorites by the artist, or just aren't really fun for riding.

    I also played Zombies, Run! while handwalking.
    Nanakorobi yaoki: Seven times fall, eight times rise.

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    Dec. 21, 2008
    Jacksonville, FL


    I've been putting on a Pandora station for my recent rehab work. I normally do my Hotel California station or Pour Some Sugar on me station. I like songs that I can sing along to and keep the energy up. Or my Mumford and Sons station but that can get too mellow at times. I have one of those runner armband holders for my ipod/iphone so I can change songs/stations if I need a change.

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    Mar. 1, 2003
    Happily in Canada


    I can't do my iPod right now, so I'll just tell you what I recently got and have really liked: Artist: Of Monsters and Men, album: My Head is An Animal

    And Vampire Weekend (self-titled album).

    (PS every time I hear anything from the Matchbox 20 album Yourself or Someone Like You, I think of rehab. It's kind of a negative association! From my first Prelim horse's rehab back in 1998/1999... that was a LONG winter.)

    You never know what kind of obsessive compulsive crazy person you are until another person imitates your behaviour at a three-day. --Gry2Yng

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    Jul. 19, 2003
    Middleburg, VA


    What does the HORSE like? No, seriously! Some horses can be a little particular about their music. There was one particular guitar riff one horse I used to ride HATED, and would spook every time he heard it.

    I don't have any songs in particular. When I ride, I listen to a lot of serious rock like the Rolling Stones, Queen, AC/DC, Joan Jett, etc, etc, etc. But I also love anything Wilco sings, the Black Keys, love Billy Idol, Chris Issak. Just depends on the mood.

    Pandora is a good idea. This is what I do. We'll just pick a station, and ride. It's kinda fun, when I am riding along and going "What is THIS? It's awesome!" I usually have to stop and look to see what goodness I am hearing.

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    May. 27, 2009


    I like podcasts. Can learn some really cool things and keep yourself occupied!
    Forward momentum!

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    Mar. 19, 2008


    First fifteen songs on my Barn Songs mix (all good songs to ride/work/run to)

    1. Everlasting Light--the Black Keys
    2. Back in the USSR--the Beatles
    3. The End of the World--the Cure
    4. Love Interruption--Jack White
    5. Three Button Hand-Me-Down--the Faces
    6. Live Forever--Oasis
    7. What's the Frequency, Kenneth?--REM
    8. Cecelia--Simon and Garfunkel
    9. For Once in My Life--Stevie Wonder
    10. Jump into the Fog--the Wombats
    11. Waste--Foster the People
    12. Lovely Rita--the Beatles
    13. Check the Rhime--A Tribe Called Quest
    14. Let's Go--Matt and Kim
    15. King and Lionheart--Of Monsters and Men

    Fun thread!

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    Nov. 13, 2005
    between the mountains and the sea, North Carolina


    Quote Originally Posted by bornfreenowexpensive View Post
    Books on tape/iPod....I might have to try that! I'm riding alone 95% of the time so I don't have to worry too much about the genre (will likely pick a mystery novel or thriller)
    FWIW, I LOVE Ian Rankin on audiobook. Partly because I enjoy listening to the Scottish accent & love following Rebus as he makes his way around Edinburgh, which IR describes so perfectly it makes my heart ache, but also because his books are awesomely well written whodunits. I haven't yet experienced the joys of 40min walk sets, but audiobooks get me through my gym workouts.
    "Choose to chance the rapids, and dare to dance the tides" - Garth Brooks
    "With your permission, dear, I'll take my fences one at a time" - Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey

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    Jan. 6, 2011
    Central VA


    For ridiculous holiday fare try tunes by Straight No Chaser,
    the Christmas Can-Can and The Twelve Days of Christmas...hysterical!

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    Mar. 21, 2011


    Doing a lot of similar work myself as I get out to the barn at dusk. We don't have an indoor, but there's just enough ambient light from the barn and the moon that I can see the white arena rail. I found that if I listen to my usual "kicking ass and taking names" music I get frustrated and upset. I will probably make some "walk-work" playlists this weekend, but I'm working on some audio books for now.

    If you have an offbeat sense of humor, I'd strongly suggest John Dies At The End by David Wong. I finished that about a week ago and started on the follow up This Book Is Full Of Spiders. Seriously Dude, Don't Touch It last night. Both are somewhere inbetween horror and comedy, and will keep you pretty entertained.

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    Apr. 11, 2001


    Doesn't anybody listen to oldies?

    The last couple days I've been listing to a 15 CD set that is the re-creation of the Vanderbilt University SAE house's jute box from the mid 70s. (I'm not that old--I just have friends who are! ) Old pop, motown, a little folk and any thing else that was big from the mid 60s to the 70s. It's over 200 songs and about every other one I have an "OMG-this-is-the-greatest-song-I-forgot-about!" moment.

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