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    Default Integrating a new horse into my herd

    We sold a (dominate) gelding and we bought a pony for the grandkids. 3-year old existing gelding that was trying to take the top spot in the herd HATES the new pony and is making his life miserable. We've gone through two weeks of quarantine, one week with our donkey and one other horse, but when I finally put the 3-year old in with the pony - it was non-stop chasing and biting. Separated them, started over. Same thing.

    HELP!!! Any ideas or will pony be looking for a new home soon?
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    Is the 3 yr old gelding the dominate one now? My old barn manager always put the new horse in with the dominate horse alone in the beginning. That way the dominate relationship is already established and its a non-issue (to the dominate horse) to add back in the middle horses. Maybe try that.

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    Feb. 1, 2012


    or, remove teh dominant gelding, and let the new guy get acquainted with the rest of the herd. Then, introduce the dominant gelding back into the herd...this way, its not "his herd" - he is the new guy that has to adjust.
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    Remove the trouble maker. Let the new guy settle in, and then, if you can stand it, let the monster, Mr Dominant 3year old, back in the group.
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