I am discussing dressage saddles with my mom. She's a re-rider, and three years in she has a gorgeous position and a very secure seat. She has ridden mostly in western saddles, occasionally in a dressage saddle.
Her riding position is pretty much a dressage position, in terms of stirrup length and seat.
She's looking at a feed-lease horse for the winter, and he's not built in a way that will facilitate her western saddle. The horse is fairly medium, late teens, withers, not narrow but for sure not wide and flat. So we're thinking synthetic dressage saddle, or possibly old Stubben Siegfried.

With a hip replacement, a tall horse and not a huge amount of upper body strength, we are thinking synthetic, or lightweight at least, would be great.

She isn't the same size as I am- saddles that put me in a chair seat, hang the stirrup right under her leg beautifully.

She REALLY liked the Wintec Isabell she rode in. She doesn't need thigh blocks, but liked how the saddle felt. It put her in a good position, and didn't cause any...Inverness...problems like a couple of (probably too small seat size) dressage saddles did- deeper seat saddles with a rapidly rising pommel.

So- my question is for folks that fit 'properly' into the seat of a Wintec Isabell: (I know I don't fit nicely in Wintecs, so having me go to any dressage barn or tack shop to sit in saddles is not going to help!)
Are there any other saddles that stood out to you as a great fit?
Is the Isabell built on a particular tree -so size of seat and placement of stirrup bars would be comparable- to any other Wintec (or Bates, or Collegiate) saddles?

A real leather saddle is for sure workable, it wouldn't have to be synthetic.