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    Quote Originally Posted by Burbank View Post
    I feel that front zips are more flattering on me than side zips, but on a side note, really the only difference between mens and womens are the pockets? that just doesn't seem right
    I think people mean "look" wise... Obviously they are made to fit a masculine figure or a feminine one hahah... I would not suggest just throwing on a pair of men's breeches just because some women's breeches have pockets now... You'd have saggy crotch syndrome...

    Just like how it does NOT work when guys try and wear women's jeans... I'm sorry.. just no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy-Pony View Post
    I was always taught that side-zip was for girls, and front-zip for boys. ...
    Only until the mid 60s. Then front zips became common for women as well as men. It is only recently that side zips started to reappear.

    Personally, I REALLY dislike side zips and hope I never have to wear a pair again.

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    Oct. 4, 2011


    I have both side and front zips. I prefer my side zips as I think they are more flattering on me but that is just my personal preference. It all depends on the pants though!
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    I thought the Trophy Hunter pinching issue was just me! Glad to know I'm not alone

    I have one pair of side zips, and all the rest are front. Funny that someone mentioned front zips emphasize the "pooch" - on me at least, I feel it's the opposite! At least the front zip camouflages things a little, whereas the side zip is just a vast expanse of tummy... now granted my side zips are also Ye Olde Almost-a-Bra style, so that may be a contributing factor. I've never tried side zips in low/regular rise.

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    Mar. 13, 2006


    I also am a fan of the front zips! However, I do agree with the poster who said that every now and then the clasp on the trophy hunter tends to pinch your stomach. Still love mine though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by adlgel View Post
    I had the same exact issue. But I hate side zip pants even more so I had a tailor sew in a small square of a smooth fabric over the metal backing of the slide closures and problem solved - no more pinching.
    I usually just tuck in that part of my shirt (if for some reason I'm not tucking in the whole thing), but that's an excellent solution.

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    Where's the Aefvue Brigade when you need them?

    Am I the only one who started riding (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) in canvas side-zip breeches with poofy thighs and real side pockets < not those stupid useless little zipper ones AND buttons on the calves (ouch).

    Not a wisp of spandex in sight until the 60s and then the front-zip arrived, the thigh poofs disappeared and breeches became stretchy.

    The TS side-zips emerged in the 80s and from what I read here have seemingly taken over so noone recalls when front-zips ruled.

    Time for me to make myself a nice cup of warm milk, put on my shawl and retire to the rocker grumbling about whippersnappers.....
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
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    I love my back pockets! and these are my new favourites

    I do love being a jumper and getting to show a bit of flair...

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    If you're a female you can wear either front or side zip - whichever you feel more comfortable in and look better in (I used to work at a tack shop and every now and then a girl would come in desperate for side zip and some particular brands just didn't fit her well at all -whereas the front zip made her look 20 lbs lighter...

    Men/males - really please no side zip not even from the sale/consignment rack ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartAlex View Post
    Front zip emphasizes your "pooch" if you have one. But side zip makes you look like a dork because your belt is on sideways.

    You pick.
    I wear side zips but put my buckle in the center, it looks better that way IMO and despite everyone's complaints, I manage to go to the bathroom without losing my belt just fine.

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    I personally like side zip breeches! I do find the trophy hunter breeches pinch my stomach, and the front zip breeches tend to sag in the front!

    On the discussion of belts... Cheval Fashions has just introduced a side zip belt! I saw them at the Royal and they are beautiful. They have a regular belt buckle for front-zip breeches as well as easy open snaps where the side zipper is on your breeches!
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    I love my front-zip breeches and actually feel like they are more forgiving than my side zips... to each her own, I guess. And although I always think of breeches with back pockets as men's pants, I have recently changed my mind and am drooling over these:
    We move pretty fast for some rabid garden snails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndianSummer3E View Post
    On the discussion of belts... Cheval Fashions has just introduced a side zip belt! I saw them at the Royal and they are beautiful. They have a regular belt buckle for front-zip breeches as well as easy open snaps where the side zipper is on your breeches!
    I bought this belt as soon as it was available (I literally stalked the website daily for a month). I LOVE it. Highly recommend it for side-zip breeches

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