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    Jul. 3, 2012

    Default More hock problems

    I've been gone for a computer was in for service.

    In the meantime, it seems Harry's hocks are giving him problems again. I don't know what to think. 3 out of 4 rides were 'bad'...involving knuckling over, a butt-lowered bolt of 1 step, general crankiness.

    I have an appointment with the vet next Tuesday and am not riding before I then. Weather is not exactly inviting anyway.

    Does anyone have any ideas how he would diagnose a 'slight' problem or if additional injections are what is needed? He got his last injections...the ones the finally did the trick...just after Labor Day. He was so great and comfy after that until 10 days ago.

    At first, I chalked it up to *maybe* not being worked in a while (although that's typical and hasn't been a problem in the past), in need of having shoes removed and trimmed, colder fresh weather.

    Not sure what to think.

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    It could be that there is more bothering him than just the hocks. You may want to ultrasound just to rule out any soft tissue issues. It it hcock arthritis. Depending on how advanced that is it could be that the injections just are not lasting very long and IRAP may be a consideration as the results often are much longer lasting.

    Good Luck!

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    I also have a Morgan with hind end issues. We know her hocks are stiff, so when she was coming back from surgery about 2 years ago and a little ouchy when I was first riding her, the vet did her hocks for the first time. It helped a bit; the vet came back to re-check and realized that the problem was more the SI joints. Had those injected, and it made a huge difference very quickly! Since that time, she's had the left SI done once more, had her stifles done last winter, and still seems to need hock injections every 6 months or so. (I am considering IRAP now.)

    SI injections are a bit tricky and you'll want a vet who can do them with live ultrasound so they can see exactly where to inject. The cost was about the same as hocks, though. Stifles... now THOSE were expensive.
    You have to have experiences to gain experience.

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    Jul. 3, 2012


    Ann, how was that diagnosis made?

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