This is not a political rant. The world is a busy place with many actions always going on -- most we dont pay attention to unless.......... they have some effect on our own lives.

As horsemen, we've learned that we must protect our lands, and land use rights. As horse owners, we've learned that we must be the advocates for our animals. As sportsmen, we've learned to set our own boundaries, for safety and advancements.

This UN proposal now directly confronts PWD's.

Do your own research and follow your needs from there. There is a lot of information on the net to give you guidance. Its easy to find your states senators, email them, they will respond. There are many in our government yet there protecting us, but do need our support.

PWD's, in all aspects of this world have come such a long way, worked hard for their rights and places -- look at the para Olympics, the therapeutic riding programs, the adjustments for tack given to these people in our industry alone! ...

Im just offering the information.