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    Default Worried for my mom- Breast Cancer

    My 74 year old mom was 4 months late getting her mammogram, which may have been a blessing in disguise since it may not have been detected that early. What they did find was a small lump, and did several more mammograms, an MRI, and then finally a biopsy, which came back as cancerous. They were able to do the surgery 2 days after biopsy, on October 1st, and removed a small lump, about 1.2 cm, along with a sentinal lymph node in her armpit (which tested negative, thank God) The recovery was longer than expected, since they went right back into the breast in the same spot as the biopsy, which was already sore and swollen.

    She finally was healed enough to begin radiation treatment the week of Thanksgiving, which only takes a total of 15 minutes, but requires her to make a 30 minute drive to the beach 5 days a week for 6 weeks. So far the response to treatment has been good, thankfully they didn't think chemo was necessary at this point.

    Since I have been in school full time, I have not been able to drive her to her treatments but a couple of times. Of course, she has been stubborn & insistent that she is fine, but I know she is physically run down because she became sick with a severe bronchial infection before starting treatment, and this past week, is sick again this time with laryngitis and after being scoped yesterday it was determined acid reflux is causing the breathing difficulty & coughing fits.

    Now this is where I am really worried (and I know what is going through her mind & she is terrified of what it might be). In the past week, along with the severe laryngitis, breathing issues & coughing, she has developed a horrible painful sore on her tongue, which they did a biopsy on yesterday to try & determine what it is. Now her mouth is in terrible pain from the biopsy and the 5 shots they gave to numb it. I am hoping that it is her body reacting to being sick, run-down, and a weakened immune system. I did a little research, and while mouth & tongue sores can be side effects of either radiation or chemo, it is only if the person is doing radiation from the neck and up.

    Does anyone have experience in dealing with something similar? I'm worried abouther because even though she insists that she is trying to eat more to keep her strength up and get enough rest, I know her and know that she is not.

    I am trying my best to spend as much time at the farm with her, and do anything that she needs done. I will have more time after next Wednesday when I finish my finals & graduate. At this point I am tempted to go stay with her for a few days to MAKE her rest, do whatever needs done & let hubby keep the kiddo (she wants so badly for him to come see her, but he's not been well either~ already had flu in Sept, and strep twice)

    Sorry if my post is all over the place. I am mentally drained, especially after today's tragedy. Any & all comments or opinions would be welcomed.
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    A little bit crazy weekend coming up, but we have BC in our family. If I can get the chance to ask one of my sisters about some of the reactions to radiation I will. Hope she improves.
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    I am a breast cancer survivor and didn't have anything like that. I did have burns that developed the last couple of weeks of radiation in the areas I was being treated. Due to her age there may be other issues going on as well and if she isn't taking care of herself that can be a problem. I think your best choice is to get there as soon as you can and maybe you can go to the doctor with her and help her ask questions. A lot of time you have questions in your mind but you don't want to hear the answers because you build it up in your mind that you won't like the answers. So having someone to go with her might be helpful.

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    I'm sorry I don't have any experience or advice, only jingles. I'm sorry your mom (and you) are going through this. Just be there as much as you can even if she acts like it's not necessary. My thoughts are with you.
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