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    Default Vaccinating for Lyme

    So my vet just sent out an e-mail saying that some owners have been requesting that their horses be vaccinated for Lyme disease using the dog vaccine and it appears to be working. She clearly states that the vaccine has not been tested for use on horses, doesn't want to hold herself liable etc (completely understandable to me)

    It sounds like before you can vaccinate you have to do a blood test for Lyme and treat them if they have it and then you can vaccinate and for the first year you have to give them a series of 3 vaccinations and then 1-2 each year following. It's about $203 per horse not including the farm call charge. Plus treatment for Lyme if they have it.

    I was curious to see if anyone has done this? I'm pretty tired of Lyme. Although one my horses tends to get ehrlichia, which is a pain in the butt.

    I can't use spot on treatments for one of my horses as she has an allergic reaction to it. But I can use Frontline Spray on her and that works without her breaking out into hives. My horses are trail horses so they are out where they will pick up ticks.

    I don't know, I can't afford it right now anyway, but thought I would ask what others thought.
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    I vaccinated for lyme back in the spring. My vet said she gave it to all of her horses and said she'd give it to mine if I was interested. She said she wasnt aware of any reactions or complications but that the results were inconclusive. So I gave it a shot (no pun intended). She didnt require any blood tests and it was a spring and a fall shot for our barn. I moved before the second shot and am thinking about doing it again in the spring. 4 horsed in my new barn are being treated. Seems really expensive to treat.
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