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    I second the Vitamin D, and the sleep study. I went through almost the same things as the OP for years. Finally i found a dr who genuinely tried to help me.
    He sent me for a sleep study and it turned out that I have Periodic Limb MOvement DIsorder. Its like restless legs only it only happens during sleep.
    They found that I was waking up approximately every 3 minutes all night long, and didn't know it, which explained my persistent fatigue. They put me on a medication for it(it's a parkinsons drug) and it has made all the difference in the world.
    I have other health problems too that are a pain in the butt but at least i can sleep now.
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    (haven't read every reply)

    I've suffered from fatigue since I was a teenager, I had tests done but nothing showed up so I was dismissed as a neurotic female.

    I've since come to the conclusion that it was a combination of stress and depression. I was bullied at school and my mother has a mental health problem (undiagnosed) so the combination of her screaming abuse at me at home and being harassed at school took it's toll.

    I still do get very tired, but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago, and the meds I'm on cause a variety of side effects, including vitamin B12 deficiency. I've also been told my iron is low. So now I'm on B12 injections (which reminds me, I'm due one next week!) and iron tablets, which has perked me up somewhat.

    Hope you get to the bottom of your fatigue CU!

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    Didn't read all the responses. Have you had a sleep study? I have been formally diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia. Narcolepsy was ruled out and my sleep apnea is being effectively treated but I am STILL tired. I got started on a med that SHOULD have me awake and most days it helps, but then my body has to pay the piper for the extra energy spent. I crash and sleep 13-18 hours sleeping when it's time to pay the piper back. So, yeah... fatigue is very familiar to me.
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    Hello ladies (and gentlemen - don't want to make too many assumptions) first post.

    Being tired feels like being depressed after a while - don't you think. Or maybe it is or could be part and parcel of the depression thing.

    I'm going to ditto OneGreyPony and say yes - Vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin. And my physician told me to feel free to take 2000 units. Actually - if you do a search on the deficiency of it - you'll see that there could be bone or muscle pain associated with it. I'm thinking that might "mimic" other FM etc.

    To help with getting up in the morning, I admit that when my alarm goes off - I turn a light on to turn off (confused yet) the melatonin.

    Well and then there is the caffeine.............LOL

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    There are a lot of good opinions and advice here. My journey began when I was diagnosed in 2001 with MS. I continued to go downhill in energy and strength. In 2007 my labs showed I was low thyroid so I went on synthroid. Everything went to heck after that... legs swollen like tree trunks and felt like lead, extreme joint pain, falling asleep at the dinner table, hair falling out in clumps... it was bad. My doctors also tried to dismiss me as a pre-menopausal woman, nothing unusual here, folks! After I was told to "relax, it's not like you have cancer," I got royally pissed and took things into my own hands. I researched on the internet to figure out what I thought was wrong. Then I talked myself into a new doctor's office and convinced her to run the test which confirmed my Addison's disease (I have no adrenal function). Then when she refused to address my thyroid needs, I fired her and found another doctor who has helped me optimize my thyroid meds, which now include compounded T3 in addition to my synthroid. With my various diseases, I will never be a bundle of energy, but I am SOOO much better off than I was five years ago, and if I had settled for the doctors' advice I could very well be dead by now. Being tired is normal, but being chronically fatigued is usually always a matter of an underlying problem, and for women, it's usually endocrine-related. I encourage all to check out this website: It's got some great information about how the medical community is not taking our issues seriously, and some excellent information on how to pursue the proper treatment.

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    I could have written your post. I was diagnosed with fibro at age 27 after 1 year of severe pain but YEARS of fatigue (but no pain).

    I have pain and fatigue now (age 32). I study mindfulness meditation to help with pain/stress, do yoga, etc. I am not on medications but could be.

    Fibro affects everyone differently but its definitely a whole body disease. Sounds to me like you might have true CFS which is an immune disease whereas fibro is a neurological disease.

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