I started the same thread on the other board and I thought it would be interesting to see people's perceptions or definitions of some of the terminology below. These industries are at a critical crossroad and the next few years will determine their futures. A major problem is how the media presents them and the terminology used by both the media and public. To not taint people's responses, I would be interesting to hear what people think (answer as you please).*

What is equine/horse therapy?
What is therapeutic riding?
What is hippotherapy?
Is there much difference between the two?
What is the difference between equine assisted activities and equine assisted therapies? What falls under these categories?
What is adaptive riding?
What other terms have you heard/used? What do these terms mean to you?
Where does para-equestrian fall in?

* The reason I did not create an online survey (such as survey monkey) as I am interested in seeing responses as a running thread and there is no research agenda attached.