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    Quote Originally Posted by NEEDS A NAP View Post

    Was it this horse?

    seems to be doing well.
    Yes, thank you! I actually had saved the site but forgot all about it. Sounds like he's doing really well.

    Re the other horse: Didn't he go through the auction at NH? If he did, horses other than meat horses go through too. Perhaps the attendance was down or the dealer just got a good deal on the horse (since it seems a lot of his paperwork came along with him).

    Anyway, if he's anywhere near sound, I think the new owners got him bargain priced at $1100 or so. If not, it still sounds like he landed in a far better place than where he was recently.

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    Very glad to see he seems to have had a soft landing. Sad to think that a horse that has come so far and done so much would fall so far from grace. The Future Event Horse League is extremely competitive and those that place in the final are VERY nice horses indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bornfreenowexpensive View Post
    I can think of several thing that can cause this to happen....divorce. non-horsey parents. creditor (fail to pay board etc).
    I got my current horse due to debt, owner stopped paying board and I got a really nice ISH gelding because of it. I spent more on his first month of training than I did buying AND getting him registered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bornfreenowexpensive View Post
    I can think of several thing that can cause this to happen....divorce. non-horsey parents. creditor (fail to pay board etc).
    Don't forget plain ole stupidity or ignorance. Lots of people do no research when they sell a horse cheaply or give it away. People have given me horses like that; for all they know I could have been a dealer or kill buyer. The only way a horse is guaranteed safe is if he stays in your care; otherwise, there is always a risk unfortunately.

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    Hi I'm just enquiring as to where birchill clover is now? He was owned by father in ireland previous to being sold abroad? I'm really hoping he has a good home! He was a star !

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    Re: putting horses down due to dangerous behavior....

    My first Intermediate horse put her owner in the ER with a punctured lung and terrorized three trainers before I bought her as project. It took 2 years of chiro, accupuncture and massage to straighten out her thoroughly jacked-up back. She was always very sensitive but finished up a great ride, took some students around, and is now a great broodmare.

    Another mare I got after her I was given the opportunity to own because I was 'known' to 'not mind a bucker' and she did have a pretty nasty buck unless you could stick it and wallop her, then she was fine..... Packed some kiddies around after I was done with her, now a great broodie.....


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