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    Default First Person: How I Feed My Family Without a Job (HR)

    I was quite suprised to find this on the front page of Yahoo today. Athough I find it poorly written, & a tad inaccurate-as her husband does have a job, I thought it could make for some very interesting discourse here on CoTH.

    (Link includes her picture on a horse. A horse she is training to earn extra money???)

    Five million Americans are among the long-term unemployed--those without a job for 27 weeks or longer--according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Another 7.3 million are looking for work, while the unemployment rate sits at 7.9 percent. Numbers aside, individual stories illustrate how America is affected. To see how joblessness hits home, Yahoo News asked unemployed workers to share their job-hunting stories. Here's one.

    FIRST PERSON | It should be easy for me to find a job working in an office. I have 31 years of experience with more than 15 years as an office manager in the manufacturing and construction industries. I have excellent references and pride myself on my accounting, computer and people skills.

    When President Obama took office, the construction industry dried up and manufacturing continued to migrate overseas. Plants and factories halted their multimillion dollar expansions and many have downsized or closed, and I am afraid things will only get worse as Obamacare and the fiscal cliff hangs over the head of everyone and hits small businesses particularly hard.

    I have tried to switch industries, putting in close to 100 applications for any type of office work that I can find, including entry-level, when there was an opening. I received only a handful of interviews and was told that the company "cannot afford to pay you what you are worth," even when I practically beg for minimum wage.

    I have three adult children. Currently, only one of them is employed and his job has scaled back to where he only works two weeks a month. My youngest son has moved to Georgia to his brother's in his efforts to find decent employment. My 25-year-old daughter is living at home and also unemployed. My daughter and I have turned our focus to saving money rather than job hunting when there are no real jobs to be had.

    My husband has been our financial savior. He took the plunge and opened his own business with a partner. Their company specializes in food-grade process piping and the United States still needs to eat. Thus, he has managed to keep everything going for our family by helping the remaining plants maintain their facilities. It is terrifying to hear stories like Hostess shutting down. I cannot help but wonder if other food-process plants may be forced to do the same thing and our last hope of surviving this economy will literally go down the pipes.

    My daughter and I help out however we can. Last spring we planted a huge garden and were able to bring in about $55 per week by selling our produce at the local farmer's market. We have 20 head of cattle and I have been working trying to break some horses to try to increase the ranch's income to a breakeven point. By raising our own beef and vegetables, our efforts have slashed our grocery bill by nearly 60 percent and thus we are able to hang on a little longer.

    I have been unemployed for four long years in New Mexico and it is depressing to think it will be another four years before I can even hope that jobs will return.
    Closest thing to a sauna around here would be tarping over a few cows, hold a bucket of water & light a match.

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    This belongs on Off Topic and it's not horse related. It a thinly disguised political piece.
    "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~Immanuel Kant

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    The lady claims she has taken on horse training to help feed her family. I imagine quite a few on CoTH have taken on diff type of jobs, inc. extra horse training to help keep food on the table. How many times do you find front page Yahoo horse stuff? Not impossible, but certainly not every day. Not my fault if you personally do not like her political views. She is entitled to hers, the same as you are yours.

    Financially, I personally have expanded the fodder I grow, & have contracted with a neighbor to grow for me also. THAT is very horse related.
    Closest thing to a sauna around here would be tarping over a few cows, hold a bucket of water & light a match.

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    The lady has 20 head of cattle, a vegetable garden and a husband with a job. I wish I had 20 head of cattle, enough land to keep said cattle and the land to grow a garden.

    Instead I live in a 500sq ft apt, no yard to call my own to grow food. Live hand to mouth, rob peter to pay paul when it comes to my bills, sold anything with value and SHE is complaining?

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    MunchingonHay: sing it, sister! I agree with your well articulated point

    How many here think she will make money on those horses?

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    I have seen more community gardens cropping up. There's even one in little Havana FL near me that seems to have lots of people working it even though this area is filled with farm land. The people without access to land are using these like crazy. As to the horse training, I do know some who are trying to do more than before to pay the bills.
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    Trying to get a job when you're unemployed and over age 50 is really, really hard, and was even when the economy was booming in the 1990s. Either you're too expensive or you're overqualified, or overqualified but with not quite the right skills, or they're worried you won't do things Their Way, or that if you take their crappy low pay that you'll walk as soon as they get used to you and they don't want to take a chance on you either way. I feel for her. The economy is tough, and in some places tougher than others.

    I wish her luck. The signs are that things are slowly getting better, but that's no consolation on an individual level. I hope she's successful with the ranch and training the horses.
    If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats. - Lemony Snicket

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