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    Question safe homemade divider for stock trailer?

    Hi All,
    I'm wondering how I can make a safe divider for a stock type trailer (I don't have my own trailer so have to use my friends)... The friend's trailer is "open" like a stock trailer, but the area where the horse's travel isn't rectangular but rather the front part of what would be a rectangle is cut off at an angle by a front tack area. The space for the horse's looks kinda like this from above:

    |__ \

    Make sense? Sorry my stick art skills aren't the greatest!

    The trailer easily fits two horses in the "forward facing slant" position. However, there is no divider between horses and there doesn't appear to have every been one (no slot or hinge or what not on the left side wall to even hang a divider). The problem we run into is that the horse loaded first always swings thier butt out alittle (not keeping it towards the front wall) so that the horse loaded second feels "cramped" or like they won't fit and is hindered by the first horse taking up too much space.

    Last time we trailered them, on arrival at the ride the mare who was loaded first was still in the forward facing slant position (head on the L, butt on the R), while the gelding loaded second had shifted position so his butt was up against hers (on the R side), but he was backwards facing (head on the L). Like this (imagine the E in mare is her butt, the G in gelding is his butt ):

    (Front of trailer)

    (back of trailer)
    Lovely drawings, no? When we arrived home from the trail ride, they had shifted as such the mare was forward facing straight, gelding was backwards facing straight...

    I'm glad they are able to work out best positions once traveling, but my friend's mare is a trailer kicker and I'm afraid sooner or later my guy will get hurt as they shift positions in the trailer. However, my guy is a fairly quiet and steady trailer-er, I rarely hear a peep out of him.

    So with all that said (and drawn!) I was thinking of making a sturdy, but safe divider to keep them both in forward facing slant position... I was thinking a easily breakable (in case of hang ups) rope/chain covered by a length of PVC pipe hung at a diagonal, but am worried about safety etc. So, suggestions???? TIA!
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    I have a friend who has made a pipe divider for his stock trailer. At the front of the pipe, he welded an "L" which sockets down into a holder on the front of the divider. This allows the divider to swing, or to be removed easily. You could make the leg of the "L" longer than the holder, so you could drill a hole through it and put a cotter pin in it, so the horses couldn't pull it up accidentally, but it would still be free to swing.

    At the back end, he has butt ropes attached to the pipe, and when they are snapped into the rings at the back corners of the trailer, they hold the back of the divider from swinging back and forth.

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    Dec. 2, 2004
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    You can't just tie them side-by-side? If I had two loose horses in a trailer that size and shape, I'd be concerned, too, unless they were buddies. I don't know that I'd ever be totally comfortable with a divider that wasn't really strongly, securely attached. Imagine if your divider came apart and there were pieces of broken whatever sticking out in the middle of whatever fracas caused it to break? Can you get the make and model of the trailer and see if the manufacturer has a divider for that sort of trailer, and find out what the cost would be? In the long run, it might be cheaper to offer to have it installed professionally in your friend's trailer (maybe as a way of saying thank you for hauling your horse frequently?) rather than messing around with something that may or may not work. If it were my trailer, I wouldn't want anyone making holes in it or attaching things unless I was 100% certain they knew what they were doing.

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    My husband welds so this was easier for me but when I wanted a divider in the stock-trailer I used to have, he welded something similar to a standard slant-load divider, except it was made out of rails like the outside of the trailer itself. In the open position it was hooked flat against drivers' side wall, leaving an open box; when opened, it hooked onto the right side wall, just like a slant load does. You could probably find a local welder to do that and it shouldn't cost too much... Be sure the "hooking" mechanisms are made so nothing sticks out that can hurt a horse.
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    A trainer I know welded two small pipe pieces on the driver's side, made a division out of pipe that looks like this:


    He hung that with pins thru the little pipe pieces, it attaches to the opposite wall at a slant with another pin.
    He then hung a light rubber floor mat from it, so horses would not step on each other when they spread their legs in a now tighter space.
    He also hauls mares and foals and the rubber keeps the foals with the mare or across from her, whatever he needs.
    Has worked fine for him for several years now.

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