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    Default Another "Trainers in So-Cal" Thread!

    I'm currently moving from northern California to Southern California, probably sometime in the Spring.

    I have a 5 year old warmblood gelding, and he is great for me but, being 5, and me being the 2'9" wonder, he obviously needs a great trainer to continue to bring him along. I need a trainer that is good with both young horses AND with riders that want to be in a real program. I'm also looking for someone that potentially could re-hab an older horse I have who is out on layup for some minor soft tissue damage. Is that a lot to ask for? A trainer that is 1) good with young horses 2) good bringing up young-ish adult riders and 3) good at injury rehab?

    I can get around ok, but this is my first "younger" horse and I still have this dream of doing a Hunter Derby someday. My horse will be able to do it for sure, but me...I need a lot of work.

    I'm 28 and moving down to either Studio City or maybe the Glendale area for an entertainment industry job, so something that is around that area would be good.

    I currently pay about $2k a month for board, training, full care, and timothy.

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    Steven and Jenni Martin McAllister are at Flintridge now. They are good with the younger horses and bringing talent along. They are a little more on the jumper side than the hunters, but it might be a nice fit for you. Or they may have a good recommendation for someone for you. They were here in Dallas this weekend and I forgot how inspiring Steve is as an instructor.

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    Hm...I checked them out, and they are a little jumper-y for me. I'm definitely planning on staying in hunter land, but I will give them a call to see what they think. I just spoke to a good friend of mine who is attending UCLA, and she had 3 names I hadn't really seen mentioned on here - Peter Lombardo, Joe Thorpe, and Mark Purcell? Thoughts? PMs are good too. She also suggested Julie Golden but she is down in Huntington Beach, and Studio City to HB doesn't sound like my kind of fun

    Thanks in advance!

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    Lala Land


    I sent you a pm

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    Anee Churchill - super rider and person:

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