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    Nov. 17, 2008

    Default Snotty nose in Yearling but acting fine??

    My yearling(actually 18 month old) who has been living outside with his senior gelding has recently developed a thick yellowish snot that I've noticed on occasion when he snorts...he is acting totally fine...eating,drinking, peeing,pooping, running and bucking and playing as usual...tried taking his temp...but I was only able to keep it in his but for about 30 seconds before he moved/tried to kick me and it fell out...(I'm by myself) it was only at 99. ...which usually if they have a substantial fever it shoots up pretty high right away...I know that's not accurate but it's all I've got for he's acting totally fine....he hasn't been exposed to anything new, and if it rains he comes does the snot mean he's sick and needs antibiotics? Or should I just wait and see?? I hate to medicate if I don't have to....

    Also wanted to add...I pulled off a tick that was in between his front legs/chest area a couple weeks ago...since there has been a soft ball size hard firm lump in that area -not sure if it's tick related reaction or something to do with his snotty nose?? I hear pigeon fever is going around too??

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    Aug. 16, 2008


    If he's not coughing or running a fever, it's probably safe to let it go for now. But you need to get his temp. You can get a fast reading digital thermometer at a drug store. Try looping a long lead rope through or around something and holding the end of it to keep him facing a wall while you take his temp. I had flu go through mine this spring and they all got pretty comfortable about temperature taking and I don't need to restrain any of them now. Check under his jaws, too. Thick yellow is the gunk that strangles kicks out and it can drain from the nose as well as underneath. Youngsters are notorious for picking up stuff. But I"m not a vet. I know after so many of mine were not responding to antibiotics, I finally let them do a respiratory panel which diagnosed it as flu. So antibiotics were no good. I just did fever management to keep them eating so it could run it's course. No comment about the tick.

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    Call your vet and check for strangles.

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    Nov. 14, 2004
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    I have lots of young horses. Many yearlings will get snotty noses and act perfectly normal, run, play, eat etc. while the older horses never get them (immune).

    If he is not coughing (or only coughing occassionally) and does not have a fever and continues to "look" good, I wouldn't worry.

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