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    Default Cleaning watermarks off frosted glass

    Last month we got a sink that actually fit our super-narrow bathroom - it's a frosted glass basin that sits on a frosted glass shelf. I wipe it down at least once a day, but it consistently has water marks down the frosted outside edge.
    Anything I can use to get the marks off and keep them off?
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    Vinegar and baking soda work well for hard water stains.

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    Vinegar should work to remove it as it's a solution of acetic acid in water. The acid will react with the basic salts that comprise the water stains. Don't know if there is much that will keep it off, as in repel it. Maybe a daily spray of one of those daily shower cleaners would help?

    Not so sure about the baking soda as it's a better base than it is an acid. It does react as an acid so it might help and the abrasive properties might give you a cleaning boost. You certainly wouldn't want to use it with the vinegar as they will react and neutralize each other.

    Vinegar also works well to remove tea stains from cups since the color is somehow impregnated into those same basic salts.
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    Hi everyone today i have to ask something which is also relating to your topic my silver has been marked with black watermarks that don't come off with conventional silver polish, what should i do?
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