My mare, Jet, is about 16 years old, and she is the most amazing trail horse ever. Since early Spring, I have been noticing something not quite right. By summer, I was pretty sure it was a hind leg, but still couldn't tell which one. This fall, it was getting worse. My vet started her on injectible glucosamine, which had no affect. She couldn't really pinpoint the problem, so I went to see a local lameness guy (Dr. Hammock at Countryside for any locals - and he's good). My vet, trimmer, and I had all thought it was stifle, hock, or hip, but he went straight to fetlock. It blocked out pretty nicely (decent trot, not perfect, but a whole lot better). He did x-rays, and he said overall the joint looked great, but there was one spur in there that could t be the source of her discomfort. Based on exam, he felt very confident it wasn't a soft tissue problem. He suggested two weeks of Equioxx first. Today was dose 14, and if there is any improvement, it is minimal. Obviously, we'll be going back to the lameness guy as soon as we can get it, but I was curious as to your thoughts/experiences/ideas. I think he said he'd inject the fetlock next. I didn't ask him about Penstosan, but that's something I've read about here. Input?