I just posted this on "Off Course"

I post this here because lately I have heard that folks who post have gotten "not liked" "report cards" .
This is truly a sad day -
While many may not LIKE what someone posts, there is value to all opinions and in long reading here? There are those who really DO know more than most of the posters - and a lot of folks who need advice - welcome or not.

So this "liking or not liking" posts is truly offensive - learn, read, ignore - it is that simple. Finding only the folks that agree with you, offer poor advice but it goes down easy? Not the point of discourse. Nor education.

Sorry to rant here but it appears the "don't like" button hit to a friend - who said she like a stallion....????.and this forum in particular ? People post endlessly re "what stallion" with no pictures, no pedigree, no attributes , no record (other than I love her) and now you can get I "hated that post" because someone asks sensibly? Why Breed? Or there is more information posted. The goal.

COTH is full of personal crusades/advertisers/promoters etc - we know that - let's not make it WORSE - if there is to be credibility to anything posted, having an American IDOL, X Factor "voting" system? Ugh
My post:

Moderators and others

I have been moving and computerless for a while. I come back and there is this whole new "Forums" page.

1. Weird font and now so much of the right side of the page taken up by ads? Finding it not so easy to read.

2. What the heck is the whole "like a post" "don't like a post" stuff??? What the ?? This isn't FB, It is a site prone to have opinions put forth - thank goodness. I am horified that there are now "like, don't like" buttons to push. And what EXACTLY do you intend to do with such nonsense? There are a lot of the uneducated seeking information - both good and bad - and no one knows who has knowledge re the "question" or does! BUT now if you don't like the answer? Which may be from the very "educated" ? One hits the "don't like" button? What purpose is this serving? Who benefits from this? Is the forum only for the REALLY POPULAR? Let me remind that several "really popular" have turned out to be crooks. Can only imagine how many "don't like post" buttons would have been pushed in the "crooks" heyday.

Come on - how ridiculous. Let's not make the forums "less" informative due to "opinion"