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    Default New FEI rule

    EDITED: Sorry just got the clarification that this does not affect schooling shows. Seems to be aimed at events such as the Global Champions Tour and other jumping events, etc.....
    Carry on!

    This affects more than just dressage riders, but I am posting it here....
    The FEI has instituted a new rule stating that any rider who competes in a show that is not sanctioned by the national group (USEF) is restricted from competing at any FEI event for 6 months.
    What this means is trainers who compete at the FEI level will no be able to bring their young horses to schooling shows!

    I am sure this will be a big topic of discussion at the USDF convention next month. Another nail in the coffin of the GMOs.

    Any ideas? comments? As our GMO's delegate, I am interested in your thoughts (as well as my members' thoughts, of course).
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    This has been discussed at length on the Eventing board and the FEI and USEF have both publicly clarified that- thankfully- it will NOT impact local schooling shows.


    FEI clarification:

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    Actually, it will not affect schooling shows until the FEI decides that it should affect schooling shows. Read the clarification, the FEI reserves the right to change their mind and include any show in the ban that they see fit.

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    Fresh from the IDRC:

    "What is an Unsanctioned Event? An Unsanctioned Event is a horse competition organised in an FEI discipline that is neither published in the official Calendar nor authorised by a National Federation.

    What does participate in an Unsanctioned Event mean? Participating is very broad and covers competing, judging, officiating, giving a lecture demonstration, possibly even teaching/training others."

    So NO lecture/demo (ie usDf...which is NOT the national body)??? Talk about MUZZLE.....

    "How can I be sure I am not going to be banned inadvertently? The only guaranteed way with respect to international events is to email the FEI Legal Department for clearance before giving any lecture, demonstration, training or competing at any show or event that is not in the FEI calendar (if it’s in the FEI calendar, it is sanctioned). For national and local events, you should contact your National Federation if you have a concern about any specific event.

    What does “authorised by a National Federation” mean? The National Federation would have to object to the Unsanctioned Event prior to the event and communicate this through whatever channels the National Federation typically uses to communicate with riders.

    Does this apply to non-FEI registered horses? If a rider competes a non-FEI registered horse at an Unsanctioned Event, that rider will be banned from competing in a sanctioned Event for 6 months (but there is no consequence for the Horse.)

    If a rider is banned from one FEI discipline are the banned from all FEI disciplines? Yes. It is a ban from all FEI Events.

    We will give further updates when we know more."
    I.D.E.A. yoda

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    This is preposterous and an obvious strong-arm tactic by the FEI with clear motivation to destroy any shows except their own - thus preventing any competition.

    How dare they tell someone that if they are a member of THEIR organization then they cannot participate in any OTHER organization.

    This is all about the money.

    Folks, this is not right and should be strongly fought. In fact, if I were an FEI rider, I'd be BOYCOTTING any FEI shows. If the riders and judges do not stand up to this, then FEI will control EVERYTHING in dressage, show jumping and eventing.
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    Oh, I think everyone who is effected should email the FEI legal department for each show, each clinic, each lesson, and then email them some more when they do not respond in a timely manner.

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