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    Default blood tinged stool and urine in dachshund?

    That is what I found this evening, and I know it is from our silver dapple Evie. First of all, she will go to the vet first thing Monday morning, or sooner if need be. She is happy, normal behavior, eating and drinking fine, same food, etc. I have noticed NOTHING different in her. I think she is a tad thin so I have upped her food, but she is also very active, as in VERY active. She is in a confined area so could not have gotten into anything that would be a danger.

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    Infection, Inflammation (cystitic, stones, crystals, polyp, worms etc) or Neoplasia.

    A routine fecal, urinalysis +/- culture will help start to diagnose Most common was mentioned first, unless its a Scottie dog, then its the reverse.

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