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    I had posted something similar in Menagerie some time back. Some similar responses but also a number of people worried about calling a dog, cat or horse anything other than property for fear of losing some of their ownership rights.

    I call my dogs "the kids" and others sometimes ask about the kids or even "the babies". I never call them "my kids" tho. Seems like my line that I dont cross. I usually refer to them as my "pups". Might refer to myself as their "mom" at the vet etc., but not in any other conversations. Horse is my "big boy" after 16 years together.

    Kinda creeped out at people that really seem to treat pets as humans. Not good for the animals! And to me, you lose that unique quality of the animal that I really enjoy.

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    Jun. 9, 2012


    I don't call my pets "my kids" but I will say "the kids", and "hey kids" etc. when I'm greeting them - mainly when I would greet all my rabbits, or the horses at the barn.


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    No I don't call my animals my kids. But I grew up with 2 Llewellyn Setters whom my father called my brothers and his sons. (Even though one was the father of the other setter, which was pretty confusing to me when I was a "kid.") When my uncle picked up the older dog's 6th birthday cake at our local bakery, Mr. Bart asked if he'd started school yet. And those dogs had hunts at Easter. When we hunted eggs, the dogs hunted foil wrapped cooked meat hidden up in the camellias.

    When I once brought my cat and my dog to stay with my parents when I was off on a business trip, my mother told the women at garden club that I had left her "grands" for her to babysit. Those women were all gossiping until Mother finally told them that I'd left a cat and dog in her care.

    When kids, human kids, at our first barn asked why I didn't breed Cloudy and Callie, and I was trying to think how to explain that, one kid piped up and said it was because they were brother and sister. (I had told them they were brother and sister. Actually they were cousins, and not sexually involved.)

    So I've never called my dogs or cats or horses my "kids." However, I guess people assume it, since Cloudy lavaliered Hattie a few years ago and they've been married for a year and a half. So I do have a daughter-in-law. Who is on my board and vet bills.

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    Apr. 9, 2012
    NYC=center of the universe


    I don't have any children of my own, and don't want any.
    My horses are my "babies" when I talk about them affectionally.
    The older gelding I call "baby" and the younger mare I call "mama".
    Now, if they're bad, he or she is acting like an "animal."
    "Mama" will hopefully give me a "grandkid" or "grandhorse" one day.

    Edit: now my fiancé, to make a point, will sometimes call the gelding his "son" or his "first born"! :-)
    Born under a rock and owned by beasts!

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    No, I don't call my animals "my kids". I refer to one of my cats as the "big baby" sometimes. Because he is a big baby.
    It doesn't bother me when other people refer to their pets as kids. To each their own.

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