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    I think it really depends on the cruise line. They definitely cater to a specific customer base. Going with a line that does not cater to what you want can make a pretty miserable trip.
    I went on a cruise in Europe and in the Caribbean and loved both of them - same cruise line. I would never want to cruise on a large ship (over 500 or so passengers) or one that is not all inclusive, but that's just me.
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    I have no interest in EVER going on a cruise. I get really seasick (motion sickness of ALL kinds) and norovirus is RAMPANT on those ships. The thought of being trapped, unable to leave, for seven days is nightmarish to me. I'd take the $2,000 and spend it on a week in ONE PLACE, where I could get familiar with the area and enjoy myself at my own pace, not feel compelled to rush off the boat for three hours and then have to run back in fear that you're going to be left behind.
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    I took a cruise once, for my 40th birthday, and it was the right thing for me at the time. I had just had a ridiculously hard several months as I started ad interim covering admin and logistics for a second division here. I was fried and the last thing I wanted to do was manage and troubleshoot logistics as part of my vacation! So I picked a vacation where I could keel over and just let all decisions be made for me, or where I could go exploring a bit.

    In the Western Caribbean I know people in every port due to Rotary, so I got out of the Caribbean and went on a cruise down the Mexican Riviera. Took a quiet friend with me and it worked very well.
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    I went on one for spring break my senior year of college, with my core group of friends (a group that is more likely to be found in a library or in the dorm suite than in a frat on a weekend). It is hard for me to separate the major friend drama that happened that week from the actual cruise, but overall I enjoyed myself.

    It was nice to escape a WNY snow storm.

    It was nice to sit out on a deck all day and listen to my iPod, read books, apply sun screen every 30 minutes (this pasty Irish girl barely tanned, but I was the only one who didn't burn on the trip!!), and stuff my face with food and alcohol.

    I was low on cash so I didn't do any excursions. I think my group only did one or two, as it was, and it was kind of nice to spend those hours on my own in the state room taking a nap or watching a little escapist tv.

    The room was small, but I'm okay with cozy.

    It was really cool to get to try so many foods. And the evening activities were fun. Did my first kareoke! The "musical revue" was a let-down, but I am well-versed in Broadway so... I'm a harsh critic.

    I think cruises are most fun when you go on them with people you can do anything or nothing with all day and still have fun. I'm like that with my boyfriend, so I would enjoy a cruise with him. I would not enjoy it with my best friend, lol. We are 'doers" when together.

    I also wouldn't personally do a Carribean cruise again, but that's more because island life was really not appealing to me. I don't really care for beaches or water or water or beach sports, so the time off the boat walking around was a drag for me. Though I DID enjoy the Tiffany's store (among other jewelers) and the "non-US price tag" associated

    I would ideally want to do a warm-weather cruise that hit ports in Europe so I could have the tanning/lazy/summery feel of a cruise but with more interesting things to do off-ship, like museums and bistros.

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    Hubby and I have only done one cruise, but it was a 9 day Caribbean cruise with one day at sea and in a new port all the other days. As neither of us had ever been on a cruise or to the Caribbean, we had the mindset of just trying to see where we'd like to come back to sometime.

    We had a balcony, which was perfect, as it allowed you to get away from the crowds and have your own quiet place to look at the ocean. We ended up having breakfast on the balcony every morning as we pulled into port, then leaving the boat ASAP and wandering around the island on our own. We never booked an excursion through the cruise line, instead talked to the locals (or the ship employees) to find out fun local places to go. Getting a taxi on our own made things super cheap, we did a lot of walking and saw tons of non-touristy places which I felt like gave us a good feel for places we'd like to avoid and go back to in the future!

    After being out and about all day, we'd go back to the ship to get cleaned up for dinner, then do activities on the ship and/or relax with drinks in the evening. We tend to be fairly active people, so this schedule let us keep an activity level we were happy with, stay away from the crowds and work off the fantastic and plentiful ship food!

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    We've done 3 as a family and I'm taking my mom on a 4th one in 3 weeks. We enjoy them.

    They do have cruises that go to the Bahamas over the summer- our last one was Eastern Caribbean to the Bahamas in July.

    We've done both Eastern and Western Caribbean. I really suggest booking a tour somewhere outside of the "tourist area" of the port. In Roatan that's what we did and it was awesome. We had a great tour guide, got to see amazing views, and didn't have to worry about people bombarding us to buy things.

    I preferred Western Caribbean to Eastern Caribbean I think. I felt like there was less pressure by locals to get us to buy something.

    The food was awesome on the first two and alright on the third one. Shows are usually fantastic. All 3 cruises were with Carnival. The one I'm going on in a few weeks is a Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas so we'll see if there's a difference.

    I highly suggest changing your dining seating to the Early seating or Anytime seating, if you have Late seating. There's no way I could east dinner at 8:30 pm. The nice thing about a set seating time that you don't get with anytime seating is you'll get to know your waiter/waitress. We had a lot of fun getting to know ours and the service was a lot better than with the anytime seating.
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    Jun. 25, 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by Guin View Post
    I have no interest in EVER going on a cruise. I get really seasick (motion sickness of ALL kinds) and norovirus is RAMPANT on those ships. The thought of being trapped, unable to leave, for seven days is nightmarish to me. I'd take the $2,000 and spend it on a week in ONE PLACE, where I could get familiar with the area and enjoy myself at my own pace, not feel compelled to rush off the boat for three hours and then have to run back in fear that you're going to be left behind.
    Ditto. No desire. Would never ever do it again. Ever. I did a one day cruise once from FL to the Bahamas. It was a big ship and I still felt queasy. I can't imagine sleeping on one! There is something that seems too contrived to me about the whole "cruise ship" thing... - the meals, meal plans, and the "seatings"?? Blech. Too many people, lounge chairs lined up on the decks, small pools, jogging around the ship...When we travel we rent houses or condos...don't even stay in hotels anymore. Would rather fly somewhere, and spend a week in one place, relaxing on a beach or planning my on excursions and exploring. And, I know it's silly, but I don't think I'd ever be able to get Titanic out of my mind.

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    Jul. 19, 2007


    I ADORED the cruise I went on, but it was the Queen Mary's not quite the same as the 'party boats'. There WERE kids aboard, and they have a sort-of day care/activity center, and the kid-friendly pool, but it's not really aimed at families with small kids (the dress code alone would make it tricky, though children and the underdressed were welcome at the King's Court Buffet on formal nights, just not in the regular dining or other public areas.) But for me, it was wonderful-plenty to do, food if I wanted it but never too much (the portions are tiny, though you can always ask for more) and there's always people to talk to and something to do, even if it's just walk laps of the deck (and see whales and dolphins!) It's entirely possible to lose weight, even, just from walking around and climbing stairs rather than taking lifts!

    I have heard that Disney cruises are great for family trips, and obviously they tend to be kid-oriented.

    As for seasickness, and with the caveat it was a summer cruise in the north Atlantic where the weather was about as calm as it gets (and it was wonderful leaving 110 in NYC and arriving in 70 in Halifax), but about the only time I would really notice the ship was moving was when I was lying in bed sometimes (and I was very low in the ship and inboard), and when I was dancing sometimes I would take a step and the floor wouldn't quite be the distance from my foot my brain said it should be. Though, again, QM2, and she's both bigger and differently-designed from the box ships. They're very, very top-heavy and can't take roll like a liner.

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    Jul. 25, 2007


    I HATED everything about our cruise because every day it involved standing in line with a mass of people to either eat, get on the ship, get off the ship etc. Too many people around for my liking.

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    I've enjoyed the few cruises that I've taken, although I didnt really care for the structured part of the trip. I remember wanting to stay all day on a beach in St. Thomas, but of course I would have been stranded as the boat would have left without me!

    What's ironic is that I could not get my husband to agree to cruise. So instead we bought a boat last year, he loves being out on the water (we live on the water), and is now contemplating buying an even bigger boat next summer. Converstations are now turning to trips to Florida in it. Sort of like going on a cruise, LOL.

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    I like the idea of a cruise but since my husband and I are both pretty (well, very!) much hermits and like living a quiet life I think I would end up stabbing someone!
    We live in a very rural and quiet area and hustle and bustle and lots of people make me cringe.
    My druthers would be to be magically transported to a lovely private beach resort, have wonderful food and where no one would talk to us!
    Kanoe Godby
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