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    Quote Originally Posted by FairWeather View Post
    The "people you may know" pops up a few dead people. It gives me the creeps.
    Ditto. It gives me a momentary freak out to wonder if maybe Facebook knows something I don't know about my future.

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    I agree there's just no right answer on this. I have about three people on my friend list who have passed away, and I think it's nice that their friends can occasionally post to say that we're thinking of them. However, I would be totally creeped out personally by a family member logging in as them and posting normal stuff, beyond funeral arrangements, etc.

    But that said, a trusted friend has information on where to find my password, specifically because if g-d forbid something happens to me unexpectedly, I want my beloved friends and family to get a kick in the ass, along the lines of "Please go out and celebrate my life and do things in honor of it, don't sit around crying because I'm gone, you know that is not what I would want." Weird and probably will hurt some feelings, I realize, but I would want my friends and family to celebrate my life, not mourn my death, and I feel like many of them would need a reminder that that is how I'd want to be remembered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsmom View Post
    Do they post in italics? (Like Willem did?)
    Hahahahahahahahaha! It was either that or just the smiley. That was written for BBer feisomeday. Her mare was at our barn and had just dropped dead in front of her

    Edited to say that a few months ago a friend had a headache, they found a brain tumor, and she was dead three days later. Her boyfriend kept everyone posted on her FB, but after a few weeks I unfriended - too sad seeing posts from people who had just found out and posted on a thread I'd posted on.

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    One of my very greatest friends of all time just passed away from a heart attack at age 35. His facebook is still up, and I'm glad for it. It was a horrible shock that he died, he was a retired fire captain (an injury forced early retirement which was sad- he wanted to be a firefighter like his dad and uncle his whole life) and was teaching fire science at a few local high schools. His wife doesn't post from his page, but she will post things to it that are relevant, like on Friday which was Heart Disease day, and her daughters were doing a little fund raiser for the AHA in remembrance of their daddy. I'm glad I can go and look at his page and his pictures and remember the good times, the funny times and the sad times. Funny thing is I thought of this thread the day I found out he passed.

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