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    KC offers a fantastic course on hoof anatomy and function. No matter how many times someone gets his panties all twisted and blathers on about mail order PhDs, etc, it does not take away the excellence of his course.

    If it is a fleecing, were only all fleecings so educational.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofasailor View Post
    That and .025 will get you a cup of coffee down town. Before you launch into a spiel about the excellent organizational credential he holds, first just tell us all whether he earned it or was he grandfathered in as a charter member of that esteemed group?
    If you are speaking of the original Guild of Professional Farriers, that organization was founded on 8/10/1996. The founding members were:

    1 Bucky Hatfield
    2 Dave Millwater
    3 Marcus Pierce
    4 Henry Heymering
    5 Baron Tayler
    6 Vern Hornquist
    7 Clyde Caldwell
    8 Bill Miller
    9 Rob edwards
    10 Jeff Crane
    11 Jack Miller
    12 Gene Ovnieck
    13 Ben Pierce
    14 Mike Stine
    15 Johnnie Warner III

    KC joined the Guild as #120 in June of 2002 after passing the RJF examination under Henry Heymering, RMF.

    I've seen the guy in action at various horse expos and such. He's a charlatan, a liar and a fraud who holds a mail order PhD that he didn't earn either
    A lie would involve concealment of the truth. Since he does not hide or attempt in any way to conceal these facts AND freely admits how he got his "piled Higher and Deeper" I don't see how you can call him a liar. If anything he tells the truth whilst thumbing his nose at the world. I would gladly exchange him for any member of congress or POTUS.

    Is it not a fact that he washed out as so many do and couldn't make a living on Long Island as a farrier so instead decided to be a barefoot guru as fleecing suckers is much more lucrative than making an honest living?
    I don't know that he washed out as much as figuring out where the market was going and how to take advantage of it.

    As I see it the man has earned nothing, least of all his place in the industry.
    As I see it, he has made his own place separate from the BUA and the unherdable collective cats that call themselves "farriers."

    If you really want to see fraudulent "credentials" and fleecing have a look at the AAPF

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    While I'm not a KC fan, I do think that Tom is spot on, including his opinion of the AAPF. 'Course, I'm also not a fan of the BWFA and couldn't care less about their credentialing process. That said, I did [successfully] challenge myself to undergo the credentialing process of the AFA, GPF, and ELPO.

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    Yeah, I'd stick with a farrier. I did the whole barefoot thing with locally recommended barefoot people about 10 years ago for about a 2 year period. It was a nightmare for the horses. These people did not have the experience. I have a traditional farrier trimming our guys and they are all barefoot (but they don't do much anyway 'cept hang in the 'hood.)
    Sorry! But that barn smell is my aromatherapy!
    One of our horsey bumper stickers!
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