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    Aug. 12, 2002
    Calera, AL

    Default D@mn football!

    I wanted to watch Judge Judy - but W Virginia and someone is on TV. Yesterday, it was some stupid pro football game.

    Honestly, I love (college) football but bad court TV is my secret pleasure.

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    Jun. 22, 2007
    SE CT


    I hear you, sister!...I have watched People's Court for YEARS,since high school-when Judge Wapner was on, waaaaaay back when....

    I think People's Court and Judge Judy are the best...The worst-Judge Joe Brown and Judge Alex. There are a few others that I don't even know the Judge's name...some of the shows are really lame.

    ...People's Court cases ARE real-there are two local businesses near me who have each been on-one won, one lost,but only had to 'pay" a partial settlement.

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    Mar. 10, 2009


    I swear there's an NFL conspiracy that every late-afternoon pro game on CBS has to go into at least one overtime in order to screw up 60 Minutes.

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